December 31, 2010

JYC catch up - Número Dos

Well hello again! Hope you are having a fab night whatever you may be doing.

Time for a bit of 365:

6th - We received our first Christmas card
7th - Our day trip to France
8th - Goodies arriving in the post!
9th - We brought gorgeous fudge from Canterbury.
10th - Emily was poorly and was prescribed an inhaler.

11th - Adam and I made Christmas crafts at the children's centre.
12th - I put up my mum & dads Christmas decorations with my sister.
13th - A Christmas photo shoot with Adam.
14th - Getting ready for the Christmas party at the children centre
15th - Christmassy Hot Chocolate.

16th - I put Steve's Christmas chocs into a jar ready for decorating.
17th - Festive drinks for Family
18th - Dinner at VJ's
19th - I made mince pies
20th - Catching up with JYC!


Day 24

I used my new Craft Robo on this page for the cute heart and lettering:

Our Christmas Eve eggnog!

Day 25

More craft robo goodness for the Santa Claus has come to town:

and again for the green word tree. I am going to jot down some of the presents received on the Christmas layout - I have left spaces for each person.

This is the 2 page letter I wrote about our day safely nestled in a cute envelope:

Right I'm off, Happy new year to all my fellow bloggers and readers.
See you in 2011!

December 28, 2010

JYC catch up - número Uno

Normality is slowly being restored in the 'B' household, 99% of the presents have been allocated lovely new places to live in various rooms of the house and I have completely ransacked the toy box and reunited some stickle bricks with their box. I decided that the toy box looked far too messy and most toys had pieces missing as they had been thrown to the bottom of the box which I hate because then the toy in question doesn't get played with anymore.
SO ..
...everything came out, much to Adam's excitement, and was sorted into piles of various toys/categories. They were then placed into separate smaller tubs and put back into the very large toy box, now hopefully it will stay this way for longer!

I have printed two large pictures, one of each of the kiddies and I will laminate them and stick them to each big toy box (as they now have one each). I am determined to have a tidy toy corner!

Onto JYC!

Day 21

I had great fun playing with my new Christmas present and printed out the lettering for this page and the tag, it's seriously amazing the craft robo cut out this gorgeous journaling tag for me, gave it a beautiful dashed edge (which you cannot see in this pic) and then cut out the word 'december' - the first of many things that will be appearing!

the other side (with more special lettering):

Day 22:

No special robo-ness appeared on this page as the envelope was made a couple of weeks ago, I just decorated it yesterday.

Day 23:
 I decided to include my homemade stocking in my journal, It would have been a page about stockings 3+1 BUT Emily's stocking failed to turn up before Christmas! I ordered it in August and thought I was being very clever with my organisation but it seriously backfired!

I have been sending lots of emails since September and the lady told me that all orders were not fully processed until October as each one had to be hand sewn (personalisation), then they would all be shipped together!!!!! I thought this was very strange, surely to keep up with orders you would do them as they come in and send them out??? Anyway, I can feel my blood pressure rising, lets move on....

We are having Christmas day take 4 tomorrow around my Auntie and Uncles house, It's nice that there is more Christmas to come!

December 27, 2010

Have you recovered?

Phew, I'm still a little shattered from all of the celebrations (and from playing with presents! More on that later). I was going to do a few auto-posts to keep up with Photo of the week and to say Merry Christmas again but I totally ran out of time - never mind! I'm sure everyone was enjoying the festivities too much to notice anyway.

It was a very long but fab day, which I think is the best way! With all that preparation you want it last don't you? How was yours, hope it was fab too. I have a lot of blogs to catch up on so I will enjoy reading all of the Christmas day posts. I was very good and I sat down in the evening and wrote about the days events while they were fresh in my memory and I'm so glad I did. I haven't done that before and can never remember the small details but I wrote down the funny things Adam said and did and when Emily slept, It's two pages long in word (typed it today for my JYC) so I won't post it here as it will send you all to sleep.

So I will share some photos and some presents with you and maybe a JYC page - after all it is project Monday!

This is how the day started:

a chilly walk to my mum and dad's house for Christmas take 1:

Check out the tags!

Santa granted me my Christmas wish and delivered Steve from work early to my Mum and Dad's house. After which it was Christmas take 2:

There is a little boy somewhere in all that paper!

Christmas take 3:

That isn't a random floating chair, I managed to get a picture while a chair was being passed over!

I was rather spoilt and received lots of lovely goodies, including this selection of knitting and sewing presents:

A few more bits:

*sorry, I got a little excited again!*

....and look at this gorgeous candle (there is a matching one too):

My Mum and Dad brought me this beauty:

So I can actually give mum her sewing machine back now!

My most gorgeous darling husband brought me this:

It is A-MAY-ZING! I have used it tons already and will be sharing some of it's crafting goodness later, it does more than what the box says!!!!!


Shall we move on?

Day 20:

My hidden journaling:
December can be full of surprises but we didn't really have this in mind! There was a problem with the radiator which meant all of the rads needed to be drained making the house very cold! Whilst fixing them Steve encountered a problem with the bathroom one resulting in the bathroom being covered in water! There was an inch of it just on the bathroom floor. Luckily it didn't do any damage to the kitchen - which is right underneath!


And to round this post up (as it is long winded enough!), the Christmas eve film:

Night all


December 24, 2010

One more sleep!

Happy Christmas Eve!

Oh my goodness, it's getting harder to contain the excitement!! The soundtrack to my day is 'It's the most wonderful time of the year' by Andy Williams. It is playing over and over in my head and I cant stop singing and smiling!

I'm super excited as Steve is home from work soon and then Christmas can start! We will be having eggnog and mince pies and then my sis is round tonight with a bottle.

I am meeting up with my mum, dad, Stace and her man in the morning for some festivities then Steve is home at 1pm to officially kick off Christmas day - I am sooooo looking forward to dinner!

Ok, lets see if I can stop bouncing long enough to post!!!

The next installment of November action:

21st - I made embellishments for my JYC
22nd - I raided B&Q for Christmas decs!
23rd - I made Christmas cards
24th - I went shopping
25th - I went to Starbucks

26th - It was my birthday
27th - It snowed!
28th - It snowed some more!
29th - Trip to Notcutts with VJ and Carrie
30th - I updated my blog for Christmas

Onto December, I've almost caught up!

 1st - we put the decs up
2nd - It snowed, a lot!
3rd - we had even more snow!
4th - decoration photography session!
5th - I finished writing Christmas cards.


Now onto more Christmassy things *stop bouncing Rachel!*

Day 18

My love of sprouts, how cool is this Christmas card!

Some things that happened on the 18th:

*there should be another person in the meal photo, we all left two girls in charge of the cameras and were in fits of laughter - the results were just as funny!*


Gosh I am sorry there is more!

Baking update!

On the 19th I made mince pies:

.....and yesterday I finished the Christmas cake:


I promised I've nearly finished! There is just so much to share!

On the 21st we saw:

On the 22nd we saw:

and yesterday we watched:

Right I'm off Steve is home soon
Merry Christmas to all my fellow readers and bloggers, hope you have a terrific day.
♥ ♥ ♥