November 30, 2010

JYC eve!

Shimelle's Journal your Christmas starts tomorrow, there is still time to sign up if you haven't already. JYC is all about taking your Christmas back and cherishing even the smallest of details through blogging, scrapbooking or even taking photos.

This will be my third JYC, the first year I did a 12x12 album - which was hard work and I really do not recommend it! Last Year I went with 6x6 but found that too small as a 6x4 picture ate the page!

This year I originally wanted 8x8 but couldn't find the album I wanted so I am going with 8.5x11. I have always wanted to try this size so this seems the perfect opportunity! To keep my album quick and easy I am going to do a bit of a mish-mosh of pages, so If one day I am strapped for time I can simply add a photo and I am done! I am also slightly combining JYC with Ali Edwards December Daily, I am following Shimelle's prompts but adding in extracts of December antics!

My album cover is posted here if you want to check it out.


I have been at the Christmas crafts again and I made this cute tree:

It is really easy to make and you can find it on the Martha Stewart website. This is one for the craft room and you may see it popping up from time to time in December! (more on that later!)

We were supposed to be travelling two hours to an antique fair today but old Jack Frost appeared again! Not where we are I might add but where we were supposed to be going. I am so glad we didn't attempt to go as I have heard some crazy weather stories!

We did however, travel 20 minutes to Sainsbury's as it wasn't snowing in our area, this was Sainsbury's:

The car park was deserted! Had we known it was going to be this bad just 20 minutes up the road we wouldn't have gone! We did have fun though and it put us in festive spirits for tomorrow.

Not only is is JYC tomorrow, it's Dec day!

I will share more tomorrow as it is going to be appearing in my JYC!
Night all

November 29, 2010

JYC inspired pics!

It's been a very funny day! But first, a big thank you to Melissa for giving me this blog award:

It is so nice to catch up with blog hopping and then find out you have won something. Now for some blog rules (which I am happy to follow):

1. Link back to the kind person who gave you the award - check
2. Share 8 things - check (see below)

3. Give the award to 8 bloggers  - check (see below)

4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards - just about to do this!

8 things about me

Some you may already know!

1. I love Christmas - maybe a little too much!
2. I want to live on a farm in the country.
3. I am going back to work in January after 9 months of maternity leave - and I don't want to!

4. I collect Starbucks cups - real ones, not the take-away paper versions.
5. I miss my friend L everyday!
6. I am delighted to have two close scrapbooking friends - you know who you are!
7. I am secretly (not anymore) excited that my childhood/teenage band obsession have reunited - TAKE THAT!
8. I am madly in love with my childhood sweetheart and have been married to him for 5 years. He makes me so very happy and has given me two gorgeous babies.

Eight lovely bloggers - this is going to be hard!

1. Mel - I speak Melsh

2. Jacky - ScrappyJacky

3. Cheryl - Special Glimmers 

5. Amy - Over at our place

6. Kate - Liberty Cottage

8. Carrie - Carrie on Scrapping

This was really hard as I have discovered loads of new blogs lately, thank you all for reading my blog and leaving me kind comments.

Now I do believe it is Monday:

I have been making bits and pieces for Christmas, starting with these two cards to hold some gift vouchers. The cards that the shop gave me were seriously dull! The vouchers slot nicely inside in the little holders that I made and I kept them Christmassy and simple as they are for men - do you think they are manly enough! Lol!

I also made the little red box in the photo to hold the necklace I made for L - remember that from the blog party?

Well onto today's outing!!! VJ, Carrie and myself all went to our local Notcutts garden centre for a bit of festive shopping and of course to nosy around their craft shop! We also managed to squeeze in a trip to another garden centre that has a craft shop! I managed to get a few snaps of the festive delights in preparation for JYC - is that cheating?

Inside we had a silly 15 minutes and tried on all sorts of antlers and Santa hats

Carrie and VJ managed to get some silly pics of me which I expect will be on their blogs soon too! We had great fun much to the un-approving looks of passers by! You would have thought we were drunken teenagers from all of the looks but we were just festively happy!

Outside we decided to get a photo to mark the occasion and had just as much fun trying to set up three cameras with timers! The cameras were placed in the open boot of the car to get the shots, this is the shot from my camera:

...and here are my purchases:

Are you still with me?
The robin and the tea light holders are for my kitchen, which I will be sharing soon!
Night all

November 27, 2010

The winner is........

I'm a little late as I had a mishap in the kitchen!

I used the random generator this time to find a winner, first I put the list of names into the name randomiser giving each name a number:

Then I used the number generator to pick a winning number...........

The winner is................

Number 3 - Carrie, congratulations Carrie

Night all x x

- Posted using my iPhone, isn't technology great?

Snow, Photos and a birthday too

There is a lot of snow falling at the moment in various locations but I didn't expect to see this when I woke up this morning:

I got quite excited - for my JYC! Lol! When the prompt arrives about Christmas weather I always sigh and wish that I could do a page on snow before Christmas and this year I can!!! 

Adam looked slightly worried though , he obviously doesn't remember the snow we had in Feb! He looked out of the window and studied the snow for a moment.....then turned to me and said 'Oh dear! Mess!' I had to giggle, I could imagine him thinking that someone had spilt this white stuff all over the place! He doesn't like mess so no wonder he looked concerned!


I have been trying to get a photo of the kiddies to put into the Christmas cards, so I dressed Emily up in Adams old outfit and put Adam's Santa hat on him, I put them onto a chair the camera out and....nothing! Before the camera came out they were giggling and playing, Adam was kissing Emily and Emily was soon as they saw the camera Emily looked at he TV and Adam hid! Kids!

Eventually I managed to get a couple of shots that were quite cute, although I didn't get one of them both looking at me and smiling! They say never work with children or animals!

While I was looking through the piccys on the P.C I found this one, I can't use it for the Christmas cards but it is rather cute!

Goodness knows what Emily is actually doing!


It was my birthday yesterday and Steve got up with the kiddies to let me sleep in, it's funny that now 8.15am is considered a lay-in! That is what happens when you have kiddies though isn't it? We went out for lunch and then Steve had to go to work but I had lots of visitors and ended up sharing a bottle of wine with my sister in the evening so it was a lovely day.

I was thoroughly spoilt, wanna see my prezzies?

I was browsing through some kitchen bits on the web a while back and saw this gorgeous thing:

I fell in love with it straight away...I mean it's red for a start! My old one is broken and I have to use it with one of the whisks! It's terribly sad! Anyway.....Steve brought it for me. I am delighted with it, Christmas baking will be slightly easier this year! Not sure why it says household use only! I can't imagine anyone wanting to mix cement with it!

I got a new guillotine as mine has decided to cut wonky lines! It cuts, perforates, scores and cuts wibbily lines (the good variety) so I need to test it out. Plus I got some stickers and rub ons:

The extremely lovely VJ brought me this:

How stunning? It is a perfect size for a 12x12 album so I will be taking it to our next crop! It came complete with two mini photo albums and a 12x12 scrapbook album - which I am thinking of using as my wedding album (my theme was Burgundy, Gold and Cream! So it is perfect).

Steve also brought me this as I haven't seen it yet:

and I am a huge fan! It came out around the time Emily was born though so I didn't manage to get o the cinema to see it.

I also got lots of vouchers to use at Sarah's cards and some spending money for other things (probably our annual scrapbook shopping trip on Monday!)

Right.....Make sure you pop back later as I will be drawing the winner of my give-away tonight, there is still time to enter if you haven't already. Click here - good luck everyone!

November 26, 2010

Project 365

While I was blog hopping today I came across this post you need to go and check it out, it's really funny!

October brought:

11th - I came down with a cold
12th - The cold got worse!
13th - I was in bed by 9pm, still unwell!
14th - Emily had a bath in the kitchen sink!
15th - Adam rocked to some tunes on his guitar.

16th - I made Panna cotta with Raspberry coulis
17th - Mmmmm, Olives and wine.
18th - I found a new game on the iPhone
19th - I made a cushion cover for our bed.
2oth - We had Burritos for dinner.

21st - I had to put my scarf and gloves on to go for a walk!
22nd - We went to Halloween Arts and crafts at the children's centre
23rd - My new frame arrived
24th - I went to Sainsbury's
25th - My boots order arrived.

Well I have had a lovely day, I will share more tomorrow along with the winner of my giveaway.
Night all

November 25, 2010

Well that kinda sucks!

The sucky thing I am referring to is that Steve has to work on Christmas day, he is working a morning shift and will be home around Lunch time - which is good as he can then enjoy the rest of the day but we wont get to sit in bed with the kiddies in the morning opening stockings together so it still kinda sucks! I know I should be grateful it isn't a day shift (which are literally 9-6pm) but we haven't missed a Christmas morning together in 11 years!

Anyway enough moping about, there are worse things going on in the world!  Welcome to......

Remember the pile of festive wool?

This is what happened to the Cream and Red:

I it! I'm going to make another one in the green wool!
Night all x x

5 Days until JYC!!!!

November 23, 2010

Starting a list!

I am desperately trying to get semi-organised at the moment, as there is normally SO MUCH to do in December (which includes JYC!) I like to have my Christmas cards written before the 1st but I just keep staring at the pile of Christmas cards and thinking 'I must do that'. At least I have managed to get them out of the drawer, hopefully by posting this picture it will make me get on and do it!

This is what was in the oven yesterday:

It is my very first Christmas cake and I was inspired to try after reading Cheryl's post, it was Cheryl's first Christmas cake too using a recipe from her mum's cookbook. I used the recipe to make this so thank you to Cheryl and to Cheryl's mum.

This was my handsome assistant during the process (he is cleaning his spoons!)

Right I'm off to bed, just wanted to leave you with a sneaky bit of JYC prep and a close up of a couple of cards that I made yesterday:

Night all

November 22, 2010

A few cards

I started making a few cards, they are very simple as I haven't got time to do any elaborate ones before they need writing in.

I will post better pics tomorrow along with the other thing I have been doing today. I'll give you a hint, it involves the oven!

I haven't really got any other crafty projects to show you today, my sickness bug took away any chance of weekend scrapping apart from the little bit of JYC prep I did but that's for later!

Night all x

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