October 31, 2010

Tales of Halloween

A quick glimpse of Halloween.

The candy corner:

 My egg box/pipe cleaner spider - check out those legs! Eekkkk!

My spooky trick or treater's, First the lovely K & D:

The lovely K & D with the very sleepy but lovely Miss H:

Arghhhhh, Its T & J:

They were very spooky indeed, we had several others but I don't know them and therefore the camera stayed indoors!!!! My two little gems were poorly so Emily didn't dress up and Adam wore half of his costume but was more interested in his new found love - Thomas the Tank Engine!!!

Hope your Halloween was fab,
Night x

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!

I will be back later with more pics x x

October 30, 2010

The mysterious knitted project!

It's finished!

But what is it??????????

It's actually anything you feel like on the day!!!

It is full of arm and head holes so it can really be anything you want it to be and I love that!!! I think I will mainly wear it as a scarf, a shawl (not pictured) or a random neck warmer!

What would you wear it as?

Now for my spooky 'Photo of the week'

I took the little ones to the children's centre's Halloween party and Emily's friend Miss H was there too, they were both dressed as tiny witches and they looked adorable! I love this picture of the two of them holding hands.......

I have carved pumpkins, put up Halloween lights, filled the cauldron with sweets and blown up the skeleton all in preparation for tomorrow!!! I cant wait to see all the little spooky people!
(Will share some piccys tomorrow!)

October 29, 2010

Something spooky!!

I have lots of piccys today!

I made a cute little ghost garland (click to enlarge) with Adam, He helped with drawing some of the faces and with stuffing the heads! Each little ghost has a different head - there are 14 in total. I got the idea from this post (love that blog!), but I used a pillowcase to make these (just 1 made all 14 ghosts!) and I used toy stuffing instead of cotton wool balls - mainly because I didn't have any! I also added pretty ribbon to the ghosts necks.

Onto my spooky nails....Yes I know they are extremely impractical!!!!

FAQ's (lol)
1. Yes I can still change nappies.
2. No, I don't scratch them!
3. Yes I can still go to the toilet safely
4. Yes, I still wash up.
5. Yes, I can still clean etc!

If you are doing Shimelle's 'True stories' you will know where the FAQ's comes from! I do plan on re-visiting that later, that's not my way of quickly going through a prompt. LOL!

Now onto Friday's normal schedule:

I am into September now, I'm slowly but surely catching up! ...and yes I am typing in those nails!!! ; )
1st - Adam's jammy smile, you may remember that from a past Pic of the week.
2nd - Steve spray painted his new toy!
3rd - I took a new pic for my 'Photo of the week' feature.
4th - I scrapbook for 'Learn something new everyday'
5th - Adam improvised at putting on his top!

If you are still with me then well done!

6th - My new do!
7th - My new tablecloth!
8th - Adam fell asleep with his juice and a sausage roll!
9th - I made the sponge for Adam's birthday cake.
10th - I finished Adam's birthday cake.

Phew, I made it to the end and I still have all 10 nails!! I'm off to have a coffee and prepare for the kiddies Halloween party.

October 28, 2010

4 Rows to go!

I am so close to finishing my mysterious knitting project, I have 4 rows left! Today has been rather busy so I didn't get to squeeze the last little bit in, I may cheat a little and post it as soon as it's finished rather than waiting until Thursday.

A brief run down of the busy day:

This morning Adam and I made some more spooky crafts, which I will share tomorrow as I have to upload the pictures from my camera.

I managed to wash 3 loads of washing and now have an interesting ironing pile! :(

I made Adam and Emily's memory keepsakes for our bedroom which I will also share later (sorry).

I did my Halloween nails and they are spooky and slightly impractical (will share them later too as I haven't photographed them yet!)

Just incase anyone is wondering, I made the memory keepsakes when the kiddies were having an afternoon nap and my nails when they went to bed! (I know, they actually slept at the same time!) I get asked a lot how I manage to fit everything in :)

Well sorry I can't leave you with piccys of projects but I promise there are things to look forward to. Night all x

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October 25, 2010

Project Monday

I can't believe it is Monday again! It has gone so fast. I just haven't had two minutes to sit down today so I'm afraid this post is quite late and will be quite short.

I have finally caught up with myself again, September's Document 2010 is complete and now I have 6 days of October left before I move onto another one. I like using my Scrapagogo kits for this project and I have used September's here: 

I wanted to document Adam's birthday and his cake so I made that my feature page for September.
Ok I'm off to bed now - night x

October 23, 2010

Photo of the week

We have continued with making things today. Adam has had the play doh out for the first time, he loved it and played with it for ages! He learnt how to roll it flat and use the cutters.

He was concentrating a lot!!!


It was freezing cold on Thursday so I wrapped the kids up with hats and wooley coats. I didn't think Emily would get to wear this coat as it's 0-3 months but it still fits! It was Adams and I love that they have both worn it now.

Emily looked so snug in the pushchair wrapped in blankets, all I could see was a tiny little face peeping out

I'm off to bed now, night all x

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October 22, 2010

Spooky crafts

The children's centre laid on an Arts and crafts afternoon today, I took Adam and Emily along to see how much mess they could get into! Emily was a bit young and slept and played in the activity ring but Adam seemed to enjoy himself and so did mummy!
Between us we made some lovely creations, We started off making things together then I would look around and Adam had left me to go and play - so naturally I continued! The funniest thing was that most of the mums were left creating!
We made:

  •  pumpkins
  • A spider's web
  • A skeleton
  (This skeleton is actually a Ben & Jerry's Halloween craft, the children's centre printed them out. You can find one here if you want to give it a go, there are extra legs and arms with ice cream!)
  • And mummy and baby ghosts

After we got home I decided to continue and made a ghost plate (please excuse the walls, they are waiting to be plastered!):

I found the ghost on this site.

Onto some more 365 and this is the final installment of August!

26th - I made Adam's invitations for his birthday party
27th - I met my sister for a Starbucks - yum!
28th - I made Adam's birthday present, his tag blanket.
29th - I actually put the heating on, It was very cold that day!
30th - Another Wellie-boot moment!
31st - Waxing!
The little ones are asleep and Steve is at work, so I am off to craft!

October 21, 2010

Panna Cotta and Knit day Thursday!

It's been a busy week, Adam and Emily both had their socialising time at the children's centre! Emily's is on a Monday morning and Adam's is on a Wednesday morning, plus I have been on my evening course, done a set of nails, been shopping for pumpkins (more on that later!), made a cushion cover, done a pedicure, had the kitchen measured for new flooring, knitted and done all the usual mummy chores!

Woah, I'm tired just re-living it all!

Tomorrow we are back to the children's centre for Halloween arts and crafts, I don't about Adam and Emily but Mummy is going to have some fun tomorrow!!!!

I am almost finished with the mystery knitting, I have about a quarter of it left - so hopefully *fingers crossed* I can get it finished by next Thursday. I also have a beautiful cardy lined up for Emily.

Before I go though I wondered if anyone wanted my Panna Cotta recipe? This is mainly for Amy, but feel free to try it if you wish - it is majorly yummy!!!!

Panna Cotta
Serves 4

Cooking times: 15 minutes, plus 2 hours chilling time

240ml/8 fl.oz Milk
3 teaspoons powdered gelatine
240ml/8 fl.oz Double cream
The zest of 1 lemon
1 Vanilla pod, split length ways
100g/4 oz Sugar

  1. Place 60ml/2 fl.oz of the milk in a small mixing bowl and sprinkle the gelatine on top. Stir to combine and set aside.
  2. Place the remaining milk into a saucepan with the cream, Lemon zest and vanilla pod. Heat gently until just starting to simmer.
  3. Add the sugar and then stir in the gelatine mixture. Stir constantly to dissolve the gelatine completely.
  4. Remove the vanilla pod using a spoon (and  lemon zest using a sieve - optional) then pour into ramekins, allow to cool then chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours until well set.
  5. To serve - gently run a knife around the edge of the custard and un-mould each dessert onto an individual serving plate. Serve surrounded by berries and/or berry sauce.
Have fun x

October 18, 2010

A new class!

 I haven't got any projects to show you today! Being poorly this week has put a spanner in the works, but Project Monday's are all about sharing inspiration and ideas as well as actual completed projects.......
......So on that note I am going to share with you my latest class: 

Most of you have probably already heard about this if you took Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday class and apologies if you everyone has already blogged about it (I still haven't managed to catch up!). I have signed up today to Shimelle's new online class, It is about improving your journaling on projects and layouts. I tend to fall a bit flat with journaling, so hopefully this class will help to improve that!

Sounds like fun doesn't it? If you want to join in with this class it is £10 and you can sign up here

October 16, 2010

Photo of the week

Tonight's dinner was a success, we had roast beef with all the trimmings and then I made panna cotta with raspberry coulis for desert. I hadn't made it before and was really pleased with the result (and it was rather yummy!)

I also had a bash at gluten-free yorkshires, steve's brother is a celiac and rarely gets yorkshires as gluten-free ones tend to look like frisbees. They did rise a little and the BIL seemed to enjoy them!

Emily was a little sick after some milk so we did a quick bath in the kitchen sink, She loved it and looked like she had her own private bath!!! Adam thought it was quite funny too!

- Posted using my iPhone, isn't technology great?

October 15, 2010

365 Friday

 I can't believe how quick a week has gone! Steve is off work with an ear infection at the moment and I have madly been cleaning the house and food shopping as we are hosting dinner tomorrow night - so today has disappeared in a whirl!

Onto the weekly; here are some more of sunny August's adventures:

16th - we made footprints at the children's centre
17th - Adam had his first glimpse at Thomas (although he wasn't really sure what to make of it all)
18th - We went on a pink park and ride bus in Norfolk and the bus station was even pink!
19th - The boys flew their kites
20th - We went for a walk in the woods and it looked like an enchanted woods!

21st - I found a cute wool shop in Norwich
22nd - I had mountains of washing to do on our return from Norfolk!
23rd - I finished Emily's cardy
24th - Steve built his new toy!!!!
25th - I made Emily a girly owl

Right, I'm off to complete another section of my mystery knitted project.
Night x