September 30, 2010

Not so scary monsters!

Adam woke up at 7.20am! So the first day was a success, let's see how we get on from now on! We brought him a bed guard today and also found cute little Halloween outfits for both Adam and Emily as they have a party to go to. I will share them later!

The latest on the knitting front:

It's finished!!! This is what became of the stripes that I have shown you the last two Thursdays......

So cute! This adorable little pair are for me to keep.......

Night x

September 29, 2010

Beds and pages

Quite a while ago I posted about taking the bars off of Adams cot bed so that he could start sleeping in a real bed..... Well that lasted 4 days! It was around the time Emily was born and I think it was too much change in one go and Adam decided that 4-5am was a good time to get out of bed and shout at the stair gate until we let him out!

He stopped climbing out of the cot (which was why we took the bars off in the first place!) so it was working fine, well we have decided to try again! Tonight is the first time (again), he didn't seem to care that his bars were missing when he went to bed tonight but we did hear a bang as he rolled out of bed and we found him asleep on the floor! So tomorrow we are going out to get a bed guard! After we found him on the floor we put the spare duvet down - just in case it happened again! Bless him, I will let you know what time he wakes up!

Onto the LSNED:

Lesson number 25:

 We went to Steve's brother's house for dinner and I realised that we just don't seem to do it that often anymore! I'm obviously not the only one that thought that as we are going to Steve's sisters house for dinner at the weekend (our turn next).

Lesson number 26: I cannot find any thick-thin wool anywhere! I really would like some for a pattern - in cream. So if anyone knows where I can get it from can you please let me know. Thank you x

Lesson number 27: I'm getting frustrated with my crafting mess!

When I am working on a big project, like LSNED, I tend to leave everything out as it becomes easier but I am now struggling for room to craft so a big clean up is in order!!!

September 27, 2010

Crafty Monday

My goodness, I am so very tired! This will be a short catch-up post for my LSNED album then I am off to bed.

Lesson 20: It feels good to finally buy something you have wanted for 6 years! I went to a beauty exhibition last Monday and brought a piece of equipment that I have wanted for a long time. It is to assist with Pedicures and I am so excited about using it.

Lesson 21:

 I am enjoying being at home so much that I really don't want to go back to work after Christmas! I can't believe how quick it has gone!

Lesson 22: a day out with Steve and the kids was just what I needed!

 ......and of course I got my new boots:

Lesson 23:
I'm not going to elaborate on that one as it is a bit personal and I think you would find it boring anyway! (work stuff!)

Lesson 24: I shouldn't mess with something that works! I messed around with my blog and I lost my fancy font for each post title, on the plus side it loads quicker now!

Well I'm off to bed, Inbetweeners is on in 5!

September 25, 2010

Photo of the week

I was trying to get some different pics of Emily in her new hat and managed to snap this one:

It is my favourite photo of Emily taken so far I think, I love the blurred background and her gorgeous big eyes. This is another one to go on the 'to scrapbook' pile!

September 24, 2010

The final installment of July 365

Bit late again today, I couldn't find the right pics at first in Picasa... Then started posting about August and I haven't finished July yet!

The final installment of 365, August July!

27th - Our first outdoor picnic with the children's centre

28th - Our sofa was stripped and cleaned as it had been covered in milk, food and other things that children make a mess with!

29th - Weigh in day with the diet!
30th - Emily read some blogs with me!

31st - The second wedding, my sister-in-law and her new hubbie.

I'm off to take some pics for my LSNED! Bye x

September 23, 2010

A knitting and crochet update

Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments on my nails.

Remember this?

Well it now looks like this..........

I'm not giving anything away yet! Although someone may be able to tell, depending on if you are on Ravelry on not!

I am still going strong with this one and have a little way to go, in the meantime (as promised) here is my little crochet project......

Isn't it adorable? I just love it! I made it for Emily to keep her snug in the winter and I really enjoyed making it! I am going to make some more I think and I promise that I will post a  piccy of her wearing it as she looks so yummy!!!

I have had a nice couple of days, Steve has been off and yesterday he took us shopping and brought me a new pair of fab boots!!! (I will be posting piccys of them later too) Today he decided that I needed some time without Adam so he took him out for the day and Emily and myself had a chilled girly day and of course I squeezed in some crafting time!

Night x  

September 21, 2010

Business as usual!

It has been a mad couple of days so apologies for the schedule not being right this week. I went to a Beauty and nails exhibition in Olympia yesterday and then had to go to college in the evening for my Teaching Qual (on the final year now!) so once I had got home I just crashed and went to bed early!
As it was a nail exhibition I had to ensure my beauties were perfect....wanna see?

Now onto Monday's belated topic.... LSNED!
Lesson number 19: I learnt to crochet! I decided to give it a go as I had seen something I wanted to make (more on that Thursday, I promise!), so I looked through a book I had and watched a few YouTube videos and then went for it!

Lesson number 18: There is far too much to do today! Pretty much says it all really, hence the basic page! I really didn't have the time!

Lesson number 17: I realised that I definitely prefer Starbucks.....I met a friend for a coffee in our local Tesco, it used to have a Starbucks but has changed to a Costa for a reason no one seems to know! I do like Costa coffee as its coffee and you all know my love of coffee! I just seem to prefer Starbucks, oh how I miss it!

Lesson number 16: I miss my Independence. By this I am referring to not having a car now, we sold my car when I went on maternity leave as the plan was for me to become a SAHM permanently. Well plans change and now I need to go back, not yet but when my maternity leave finishes. I seem to have coped pretty well up until now as I borrow Steve's car when he is at home.
I am getting withdrawal symptoms now. I miss the freedom of suddenly being able to jump into the car and go somewhere, also I am getting fed up of only using the car when Steve isn't at work because 9 times out of ten it is to meet a friend or go somewhere Steve would not want to go - so then I miss Steve when I want to spend time with him!
*Ooh feel like I am whingeing now, better change the subject!*
Hey ho! Here is my page:

I'm off to bed now, I still haven't fully recovered from driving to Olympia and back and then my night of learning!
Night, Night everyone x x

September 18, 2010

Photo of the week

Firstly I want to wish a special friend Happy Birthday today, hope you had a great day Vicky x

Adam spotted Mickey Mouse way before we did, we were walking down the high street and he started saying 'mouse!' quite loudly. Mickey mouse was standing outside an old sweet shop collecting money for war heroes and Adam went and stood a few feet in front if him madly waving away.

This was the best picture we could get as he wasn't too sure when we went nearer. I had to sit with him and even then I thought he was going to run away!

But as soon as we got up he stood in front of Mickey again and started madly waving again! What funny little minds children have!

Even though he had his scared moment he loved meeting Mickey Mouse, so that's why this is my photo of the week!

- Posted using my iPhone, isn't technology great?

September 17, 2010

July 365 part three!

The third installment of what we did in July:
21st - We discovered Emily had colic, which is tons better now!
22nd - My niece gave us her bridesmaids dress that she wore at our wedding as it is too small now. She thought Emily might like to play dress up when she is older. Awwww!
23rd - My nails that I did for the July weddings.

24th - The first wedding!
25th - I discovered that dry shampoo helps which hair put-ups!
26th - I pierced my friends daughters ears, so they could heal before the school started again.

September 16, 2010

This weeks knitting projects

I made another owl this week, A purple one this time. I made it for the adorable Miss Hannah who is about 5 weeks older than Emily. They go to Under 1's and baby massage together at the children's centre.

I have also started another project, this is the beginning of it:

I'm so chuffed that two days in a row now I have appeared in the LSNED prompts! I really didn't expect to see that!

Onto my LSNED:
Lesson number 15:I learnt NOT to leave projects unfinished as things do not flow when you return to them! I'm normally quite good at finishing projects so I do not know what happened to this one, it was left and time just ran away from me. I found it on the shelf and have started it again but you can tell there was a break!
Lesson number 14: I learnt to use DPN's! I have never used double pointed needles before and was a little scared when a pattern asked me to use them! So I went onto the Internet and found out how to use them and hey presto!!!

Lesson number 13: Just how much my heart flutters when I hear that word.....Mummy! Adam has just started saying Mummy, Daddy and Nanny instead of Mama, Dada and Nana and I just love it! Especially when he wakes up from his nap and I am in my craft room, he calls out 'Mummy' from the bottom of the stairs.....So cute!

Right, speak of the devil!!!!!

September 15, 2010

Lesson number twelve!

I'm just stopping by quickly today to post another page of my LSNED, I have completed a few more pages but haven't photographed them yet.....
Lesson number twelve:
Two year olds take two hours to open presents!
As Adam is fascinated by tags and labels it took a long time for him to open his presents, he was more interested in playing with the tags on the presents/clothes. He kept saying 'no more mummy!' then going off to play! We managed to get them all open in the end though, I don't think that will last long - as soon as he is older he will be ripping through them in seconds!

Night x

September 13, 2010

** LSNED Update**

Wow, I didn't realise how behind I was in blogging my LSNED! So here we go:
Lesson number 11: This could be the start of a new relationship!
I am referring to cake making here! I made Adam's birthday cake for his party, this is only the second celebration cake I have ever made and I think I am hooked! I really enjoyed making it (after nearly giving up half way through, then re-connecting with the whole thing!).
Lesson number 10: I am a very messy cook!!
I managed to make a mess while making cupcakes etc, there was icing sugar everywhere - including all over the kettle!

Lesson number 9: I get sick in September!
After looking back through my LSNED 09 album I realised that I was ill last September too!

Lesson number 8: I can't resist buying little people outfits!
After nursing sickness in the morning we decided to wrap up warm and stop moping about, so we went out for a stroll. We ended up popping into Next which is a bit lethal really and I ended up buying lots of cute things for the little ones! Some of it has been put away for Christmas though!

Lesson number 7: A pretty tablecloth takes the attention away from DIY in need!
I brought a new wipe-clean tablecloth to try and protect our poor table from messy little ones, once it was on the table it seemed to brighten up that end of the kitchen and the DIY-in-need seemed less obvious!

Lesson number 6: A new do makes all the difference!
I decided on impulse to get my hair coloured and I feel like the 'old me' again. I haven't had my hair coloured since before I had the little people!!!!

Phew, I got there!!! Will share more later!!