June 29, 2010

What this means......

I feel like I have completely lost my scrapping mojo at the moment but I am enjoying the non-scrapbooking related posts.

Over the weekend Shimelle challenged everyone to find a photo that you haven't blogged about/scrapped before and do something with it. Well better late than never! I love this picture of Adam and how happy he is even though he is playing in the mud! It reminds me that he is a proper little boy and loves getting dirty - although sometimes he quickly runs to the sink to wash his hands! I still haven't worked that one out!

This is the front garden in the mid re-vamp stages (will blog about that later), Adam decided that he would sit and play in the mud and after this picture was taken he was literally in the mud - that took a lot of cleaning!

On a another note, I am very excited and cannot contain it any longer! I am really bad when it comes to surprises, not for me but for others. I will find someone the perfect present and I get so excited about them opening it that I have to fight the urge to tell them what it is before they open it!

On Friday I ordered a iPad for Steve, He doesn't read my blog so no chance of him finding out, He has wanted one ever since he heard of their existence. The trouble is that delivery is 7-10 working days!!!! I am finding it hard keeping quiet already, how am I going to last another 6-9 days!!! I am so tempted to tell him, especially when I catch him looking at them but I must resist the urge.
Will keep you updated with how that goes!

June 28, 2010

Another NEW for me!

After catching up on the blogs I follow, this morning I decided to give Scrap/picture your day a go! It was reading Mel's blog that inspired me to try it. Traditionally it is done on the 25th of the month - but hey ho here goes!

The morning skincare routine and the morning cuppa!!

Sorting out the kiddies, No breakfast pics for Adam as Steve had already given him brekkie before I got the camera out! Emily's milk and clothes for the day and Adam's juice to take out.

Adam dressed and ready to go - but he decided that I wasn't aloud to take pictures!! On a Monday morning I take Adam to toddler group, Emily tags along now too! As there are lots of other little boys and girls there it is difficult to take pictures, now the world has gone a bit P.C!! So instead a picture of our gate after we left!

I needed credit on my phone, Then we re-filled the pool for Adam (he decided to help!) and smothered him in suncream....

After a session in the pool Adam decided that it was tiring work and crashed out on the living room floor just as I was about to change Emily's nappy.
Emily had a nice liquid lunch! Then snuggled down for a nap, with both kiddies asleep I went outside to soak up some rays for 30 mins!!!

Adam woke up ready for lunch and had a big bowl of spag boll, then the Tesco shop arrived at the front door - thank goodness for online shopping!

I managed to squeeze in some Bovril on toast - Yummers! Then Emily required her afternoon feed, followed by more nappy changes for the pair of them. It was too hot to go back outside, so we snuggled then had playtime with Big Brother on in the background (yes I admit I am SAD!) Emily was getting low on bottles so we sterilised them (referring to Adam and I - Steve went to work a long time ago!)

Time for another coffee, this time it was an Iced Cappuccino. As a special treat Adam was allowed pizza for dinner then it was Emily's turn again! Boy can my kids eat!

It was all too much for Emily who promptly went back to sleep after a round of nappy changes, little and big! Adam followed shortly and with both in bed it was my turn to feast (and man was I hungry by then)! It looks a lot, but it was all grilled and only 5.5points if you follow WeightWatchers! After dinner I watered the plants as they were now safe from the scorching sun.

The washing up beckoned, the living room free from toys, all that was calling me now was a WeightWatchers eclair (1.5points!) and the peace and quiet of my craft room!

Well, Now I have made myself tired just by re-living the day! Steve should be home from work in the next 10 minutes just as I finish blogging!! So Night everyone - see you soon!

June 27, 2010

Getting to Know You Sunday

One of the blogs that I follow is MannLand 5, every Sunday they do 'Getting to Know You', so far I haven't participated but have always had fun reading it.

Well today I am going to give it a go and I am going to try to keep it up!

The Questions:

1. If you had 5000.00 to spend on plastic surgery what would you have done?I would probably say my boobs, They are just not the same since having children! I wouldn't go too big though, I don't want to be the next Jordon!

2. Do you watch Soap operas and if so what is your favorite and why?
I actually do not watch a lot of TV at all and I don't watch soap operas, I would rather be on the Internet - blog hopping!

3. Favorite clothing brand?
I love shopping in Debenhams; but they have a range of brands!

4. An afternoon shopping spree at your favorite store or maid service for a year?
I would have to say the shopping spree! Because cleaning is free if you do it yourself and the shopping spree is not! Lol!

5. Would you ever vajazzle?
????????? I must admit I had to google this one! If, like me, you are unaware of this it is decorating things/clothes with crystals. I would do this for Emily when she is older if she asked me to, not for myself though.

6. Favorite Disney Princess?
Sleeping Beauty although I am not sure why!!!!!!

7. Last movie that made you bawl your eyes out?
The curious case of Benjamin Button, I was pregnant at the time so I'm not sure if it was the movie or hormones!

8. Have you ever broken any bones and if so what?
Oh dear! Yes, I fractured my wrist when I was 11 - will do a scrapbook page and story on that one later! I have broken my nose when I worked behind a bar in a nightclub - another long story! I fractured my pelvis and broke my femur (upper leg, which is now pinned) in 2008 as a result of a car crash. Oh my goodness all of that sounds terrible doesn't it? What a klutz!!

Well now you know a little more about me, pop over to MannLand5 if you want to join in too!

June 26, 2010

Scrapbook Albums

I have ordered some new albums today as the scrapbook pages have mounted up again! I store them in an empty pizza box (not one that originally had pizza in!) and then sort them out every so often.

As I am sorting out my craftroom (still!), I decided to go the whole hog and sort my pages too.

At the moment I store my pages in 12x12 albums in relation to subjects: weddings, Steve, Adam, family etc. How do you store yours? And what is your preferred size of album/scrapbook page?

- Posted using my iPhone, isn't technology great?

New class!

I love photography, what scrapbooker doesn't like taking pictures right? And of course I love scrapbooking, so Shimelle's new class sounds very exciting. It starts on the 5th July and the prompts are delivered straight to your inbox for to complete when you are ready.

I have already signed up ready, if you fancy it click here or check out Laura and SJ's blogs as they each have a free place to giveaway.

June 18, 2010

Finally....My coffee cup album.

I have finally got round to posting my coffee cup album! This album was a part of Shimelle's online crop weekend, it is originally from 2peas in a bucket if you want to find the original project.

The cover is made from a starbucks cup cut in half and lined with cardboard and cardstock.

Must dash - baby duties are calling!

June 16, 2010

Goodbye old friend!!

Our beloved kettle has broken! I'm not sure how or why, but I went to use it and it decided that enough was enough! The switch has broken and won't stay down which is weird because it was used not long ago! How suspicious?!?!!

So as it is too late and we live in a small town we will have to boil water in a saucepan for Emily's bottles and coffee etc until tomorrow!!!

Goodbye my friend!

- Posted using my iPhone, isn't technology great?

April 365 update!!!

I decided that I don't get a move on I will still be haring April's pictures in August!!! So I have made some photo collages to complete April's 365.

Brief descriptions:

21st - My pregnancy countdown app!
22nd - Back online after our router broke down!
23rd - I planted some chilli's praying they would grow ok!
25th - My herb garden was tended to, I actually did some weeding!
24th - Adam playing in the garden with bubbles
26th - Adam in Steve's kit car
27th - Mmmm, ice-cream sundaes!
28th - We had no electric all day while the electric company re-did the power cables!
29th - I made a sausage plait, yum!
30th - I finished my coffee cup scrapbook, which I still haven't posted but it will be on here very soon.
Well I know they are not very detailed explanations but I feel so much better now for completing April!

June 14, 2010

Emily is a month old

I can't believe how quick the time has gone! Emily is one month old today and has changed so much already!

My blog posts are going to be a bit sporadic over the next few months until I get into more of a routine with Adam and Emily. I have managed to continue with my project 365, I just need to catch up with posting the pictures!

For the meantime, here is an updated picture of Miss Emily.

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June 03, 2010

Emily loves her bathtime

I am quite surprised that for her first bath Emily did not scream! Adam hated the first bath, but loved everyone after that!
So far, every bath Emily has had she has loved - which I am glad about!
I just love this picture of Emily snuggled up in my arms in her bath towel!

June 02, 2010

Matchsticks are holding my eyes open!

Steve went back to work yesterday after having 2 weeks off and it has been a shock to the system! We were sharing the night feeds and taking it in turns to wake up with Adam and now I am doing the night feeds for Emily and waking up with Adam - this morning he woke up at 5.30am, the little monkey!

So today, and it's only day 2! I am exhausted!! I am catching a quick 5 mins to do a blog post and then I will be resting myself as Adam is napping!

I am so behind in posting my 365! I am still on April!

On the 19th April I had a busy day!

On the 18th our router broke and we didn't have any Internet!

On the 17th April, the lovely new scrapbook inspirations ideas book arrived at the door - Yay!!

That's about it for today as I need to catch up on a few Zzzz's if the babies stay sleeping!
See you soon!