May 16, 2010

Announcing Emily B

We are now a family of 4: Emily B was born Friday 14th May at 9.09am weighing 6 lbs 13 oz's.

We arrived home from hospital today and are now resting on the couch!

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May 12, 2010

Opps I missed a day!

In my randomness yesterday I forgot to post a day from my 365, somehow I left out the 14th April!

A while ago while I was blog-hopping I learnt about a fantastic App available for the iPhone that makes fantastic vintage little photos which I am so loving. I discovered this on both SJ's & Laura's blogs and had to immediately go and check it out!

I took this piccy of a section of my craft room and just love how it came out, the app by the way is called Hipstamatic if anyone would like to grab it.

I know this pic looks scary - but honestly it isn't! These are my tools of the trade for applying a set of nails. As you can guess, on the 16th April I did a set of nails!

Well I may/may not post tomorrow, I have a lot to get ready in preparation for my c-section on Friday. I can't believe that I will be a mummy again by lunchtime Friday, where have those 9 months gone!
See you soon blogland, don't get up to too much while I'm gone!

May 11, 2010

What's in my make-up bag????????

Whilst on my blog travels, I have noticed that a few people have posted about what is in their handbag. I decided that on the 15th April, I would photograph what is inside my make-up bag!!!!!!

I will do the handbag one another day, but in the meantime feel free to nosey around the contents of this:

Concealer, brushes, eye liner and make-up sponges:

Eyeshadow (love the little reflection of my craft room in the mirror!) and foundation:

Mascara, tinted moisturiser, pencil sharpener and foundation base:

Bronzer and a different type of base with added moisturiser:

I do not wear all of this on a daily basis - In amongst all of that is a day look, evening look and going out look! This is the fav pieces make-up bag, I wont dare try to photograph the bag full that I have for applying professional make-up!!!! That would be one LOOONNNNGGGG post!

Night Blogland!

May 08, 2010

Little Town's & arriving babies!

I love going to little town's and finding those cute little shops with hidden treasures in them. We have a few of those near to us, the particular one I visited today I have neglected for a while-I can't even remember the last time I went there!

I went into a folksy, cute, nic-nac shop and brought these little cuties:

I was surprised to see spools of ribbon in this particular shop and couldn't resist buying a few! They are adorable aren't they?

I also brought this cute little gem to use on a future scrapbook page:

To show how small and cute, I pictured it next to a gel pen:

Isn't it sweet?

Well I am on a daily countdown now until I go into hospital for my c-section, I can't believe how quick the months have gone! I am purposely busy this coming week to make it go a bit quicker-even though I should enjoy the lay-in's at the moment!

I have enjoyed being pregnant, but I am really uncomfortable now! It gets to that stage doesn't it?

Night everyone x

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May 06, 2010

Parsley, craft rooms and the weather!

It has been quite a nice day today, although it has turned a little chilli now!

I had a really bad headache last night and didn't manage to blog, Plus I got home late as I had my last session of my eve course (managed to squeeze that in just in time!).

*365 update*
I am not really much of a cook and have been known to burn beans! I have been slowly learning and attempting more and more dishes as I want to take on the stay-at-home mum role properly (Steve usually does the cooking), on the 13th April I made my first Risotto. It was leek and mushroom and very yummy. This is my fresh parsley!

Inspired by Reading other peoples blogs, I decided to spring clean my craft room. I am still in the process of sorting it out, but have stopped as I now need to assemble furniture and lift heavy things and as you know I have 1 week left in my pregnancy, so that is not a good idea!

This piccy was taken on the 12th April, 'mid-mess'.

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May 04, 2010

Music in the kitchen

I love listening to music, on the 11th Steve, Adam and myself had a musical 30 mins while cooking dinner. Adam gets very excited and dances very cutely like little ones do. Mummy and Daddy joined in with him and danced around the kitchen until he was in fits of laughter!

The 10th April was Haircut day!

Adam didn't have his cut this time as it was still neat and tidy from the last one. He watched Daddy have his cut and then tried to sweep up the hair after!

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May 03, 2010

A moment of reflection

A few days ago I posted this picture of my pregnant belly with Adam, It was taken in the earlier stages of my pregnancy and I just adore the picture.

I thought it was about time I got some pics of my pregnant belly now with Baby No2, this version is taken right near the end of the pregnancy and I think it's nice to have that contrast. Even though it is a face-on (or belly-on!) shot, you can still see that my pregnant belly is quite big!

Another photo that I adored from when Adam was born was this one:
His little tiny hands look so cute and he used to (and still does) take comfort in holding my hand or one of my fingers when he is tired.

Today, like any other day, he did the same thing......But this time I had the camera ready! The shots are a little fuzzy as they were taken with my iPhone, But this was one of the piccy's I managed to snap:

Look how big his hands are getting! They are still small hands but if you compare it to the previous photo taken 19 months ago - they are big!
Don't you just wish they could stay tiny forever?
Oops! Pregnancy Hormones kicking in now, where are the tissues??????????

May 02, 2010

More of Document 2010 - March!

The house is very quiet, Adam is asleep and Steve is working a night shift. I am going to bed early tonight to catch up on some extra Zzzzzzz's while I can! My brain has turned to mush as I have been working on an assignment which is due in very soon, The course is due to finish before baby No2 arrives!

But before I go I wanted to share the rest of Document 2010 - March. These photos do not really do much for the pages, they look better in real life. The March page with the envelope was made using glimmer mist over butterflies - but the edges have curled, I'm hoping the Album will straighten it out!

This page is about something specific from the month, I chose Adam's first trip to A&E which I have previously posted about. I quite like this page, I am really girly and do tend to struggle a bit when it comes to making boys pages but I found this page slightly easier (maybe it's because I have more boy-supplies now!)

I still haven't packed my hospital bag yet! But I have made my list! My aim for this week is to get it packed as time is running out!
Goodnight blogland, Sleep tight!

May 01, 2010

Wow, I've become a frequent blogger!

I have just realised that I have managed to blog EVERYDAY for well over a week now! I don't think I have managed that in a very long time!

*365 update*

As you know from previous posts, we went on a mini-break in the beginning of April and managed to catch some glorious weather in Bury St Edmund's. I took this picture on the 9th after we had eaten our sandwiches in the sunshine.

This was the day we arrived and Adam didn't waste anytime sitting still! He loved it!

On the 7th I went in to check on Adam and turn his light off and found all chilled out in his bed. I love the fact that kids can still sleep in the most random way!

I will be posting the rest of the Document 2010 piccys here tomorrow. Happy (Inter) National Scrapbooking day! I'm off to make some pages before Steve gets home from work with a Chinese!