April 30, 2010

Document 2010 - March!

I'm a bit late posting this as soon I will be starting April's! But here are the middle pages for my Document 2010. I will post the rest when it is complete.

I still have the 'March' page with the envelope of bits and pieces I collected in March and I have the 12 x 12 page of something that happened in March.
Ooh and I am almost finished with my Starbucks coffee cup album!

April 29, 2010

2 weeks left!

I am quite shattered today, I only have two weeks left in my pregnancy and I am at the point where you are always tired, your belly is enormous and it kinda hurts everywhere! So I am going to make this a short one today.

This pic was taken when I was pregnant with Adam and I love it, Must take one for this pregnancy too.
On the 6th April I had a relaxing bath with lovely bubbles etc, I don't get to have them a lot anymore. It tends to be a quick shower as most of you will know!

On the 5th April I made a lovely Cadbury's chocolate cake - it was delicious!

Well I'm off to bed now as I am exhausted! See you soon x

April 28, 2010

Days 93 & 94 of 365

We haven't had any electric today, we knew it was going to happen - the electric company sent a letter to say that we would without it for the day due to maintenance on the electrical wires. We had to stay in all day as well because they needed access to the meter to turn it on/off etc. So that was weird! All of a sudden EVERYTHING you need to do requires electric! We have an electric oven - so I couldn't bake a cake, I couldn't put the dishwasher on/wash/iron/hoover, I couldn't make a hot drink, SURF THE NET! etc etc lol - honestly I am really not that addicted to the Internet ; )

Moving swiftly on!

On April 4th it was Easter Sunday, Our day was quite quiet and Steve had to work - so it was just Adam and myself. This is one of Adam's eggs:

On the 3rd April we did the traditional egg rolling for Easter, which I posted about here:
Night blogland x

April 27, 2010

Scrapbooking: 12 x 6?

I love experimenting with different sized albums for projects and have tried quite a few different sizes. I made a 12 x 6 calendar this year and I loved the look of it. I want to make a 12 x 6 mini album but can't seem to find any chipboard covers in that size.

Have you tried scrapbooking 12 x 6 layouts? How do you make them into a mini album or do you use full albums everytime?

- Posted using my iPhone, isn't technology great?

April 26, 2010

Sneak preview!

Like a true crafter I have made Adam a place mat for the table rather than buy one. Adam is mad on the Playhouse Disney channel, so I found images of all of his favourite characters and use Photoshop to make a collage of them.

I printed it onto photo paper and mounted it onto Red card before laminating to protect it from Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

Now for a sneak peak at one of my projects! As you are well aware by now, my stupid Internet broke right in the middle of Shimelle's online crop last weekend. I wanted to complete some of the projects even though it is too late to enter the competitions. So I have started the Starbucks coffee cup mini-album. It is almost finished, I am just waiting for my Book repair tape to arrive int he post and then I can finish it.

That's enough peaking!
The whole book will arrive on my blog soon x x x

April 25, 2010

April's 365

Well they said it was going to be hot today! We went in the garden for a little bit, but it's not the same as when there is glorious sunshine!

Ok, 365 catch up time:

On april 2nd Adam had a chilled out day, he saved up his energy and had fun sitting on the couch with a few small toys instead of running around. He looked so grown up sat there that I just had to include this!

The reason Adam had a chilled day on the 2nd was probably due to what we did on the 1st! We visited our local children's adventure centre and Adam ran around playing for 2 hours non-stop! I managed to snap this cute piccy in the ball pit.

Now back to my projects................

April 24, 2010

Stash shopping and Night shifts!

It's really difficult when your hubby works shifts and your little one will not keep quiet! (As I am sure some of you are aware!) This morning was one of those! Adam decided that he REALLY liked the sound of his own voice! So (as quick as I could) I packed him up and off we went in the car to a few different places:

First Stop: Sainsbury's.
I stocked up on nappy sacks and brought Adam a cute new hat to keep the sun out of his eyes.

Next stop: Staples.
I brought two packs of paper for the printer, a roll of scotch tape and a roller glue.

Third stop: Papermill.
I only went in for some some double sided tape! Moments later I was carrying the tape and glue dots (buy one, get one free), 3 rolls of smirk's ribbon, 2 packs of co-ordinating ribbon and a little bargain - This cute little box of stamps for just 99p!

Next stop: Tesco, nearly there I promise!

I brought some baby wipes, some cute newborn socks, doughnuts - now how did they get in the trolley ;P Juice for Adam and myself as we were very thirsty by now! I also brought this cute little A5 folder and dividers (I have something in mind for these later) and they had a BOGOF sale on their stickers!

The final stop was at My Mum and Dad's house, where Adam spent a couple of hours running around in the Garden with his new hat on and putting his voice to good use!

April 23, 2010

Time for a 365 catch-up!

I think it is time for a bit of a 365 catch up before I post anything else, The pics are mounting up big time!

The week beginning 29th March was my last week of teaching before I went on maternity leave, it was a bit weird as I was sad to leave the students behind. I have taught them for nearly two years and it's nice to see them through to the end. They were all very sweet and I was thoroughly spoilt! I had three bunches of flowers, boxes of chocolates, smellies and lots of bits for baby.

I really am going to miss them!

It has taken me a while to read this book as it didn't immediately grab me when I started to read it. If that happens I tend to lose interest and move on to something else. I still haven't read it yet but I made another dent in it on this day:

Well that's March wrapped up, onto April next!
(later in the week)

April 22, 2010

Well Hello again!!!!!

It's so nice to be back! Why is it when you have no Internet that everything you need to do relies on the Internet! Madness! Anyway we are back surfing away to our hearts content! The new router arrived today and Steve had it up and running very quickly. Adam is now sleeping so I am off to do some much-needed catching up on blogs etc.

Oh by the way Tracie is offering a great giveaway on her blog, check it out here.

See you soon!

April 18, 2010

Sneaky 5 Mins!

While completing this page on Photoshop elements I noticed that the Internet icon suddenly said on! So I am grabbing 5 mins to post this before it goes again - which it will!

This is my first ever proper digital scrapbooking page, I have only ever used brushes on the occasional photo or just randomly puts lots of photos on a background.

But this uses brushes, patterned papers and embellishments, I'm so chuffed!

This is page is for the crop party's Photoshop brushes challenge:

See you soon!

Nooooooooooo! No internet!!!!!

I know it's sad to panic over having no Internet - but when it happens in the middle of an online crop party it is kind of irritating! I really want to participate more and now I can't! *Boo hoo*.

At the moment I am round my mother-in-law's, we have just ordered a new router for the computer so that we can have Internet again and they very kindly let me blog too! So I will have a few days away from lovely blogland! But before I go I wanted to share what I have done so far:

The wood grain challenge (I only had wood grain ribbon in my stash, do you think the picture counts too?):

Using 4 squares of Patterned paper as a background:

Scraplift challenge, we had to choose one of four layouts to scraplift:

Well that's me, see you in a couple of days!!!!! *Waving*

April 17, 2010

Crop Party!!!!!

Thank you everyone for your kind comments about my C-section post on Wednesday. Our Internet went down for a few days so I am behind with my posts etc....
I was getting a little worried that I was going to miss Shimelle's Crop party this weekend! But luckily the Internet came back this morning so I am now catching up with things
Our first project was to use a 'cupcake theme', so here is my page:

I will be posting the projects as and when I finish them - hopefully!

April 14, 2010

A mixture of things!

I have been spring cleaning my craft room over the last couple of days and I haven't finished yet! I have a few more boxes to sort out and some scrapbooking albums need sorting too. It seems to be a trend at the moment, I have noticed a few fellow bloggers doing the same thing.

I went to hospital yesterday for my consultant checkup, I am now 34 weeks pregnant (I can't believe how quick it has gone!) They did the usual checks - blood pressure etc and also told me they think the baby is breech at the moment, which would explain the pain I have been in lately. It feels like the baby is trying to escape, It definitely wasn't that painful with Adam!

It turns out I have to have another C-section with this baby, not just because the baby is breech but due to other issues with my body! I haven't blogged about this before or even made a scrapbook page about it but it somehow feels ok writing it now.

I had quite a horrific car accident when I was 8 weeks pregnant with Adam, I broke my leg and fractured my pelvis quite badly. My leg is now full of metal work and is pinned etc, I'm ok and obviously Adam is absolutely fine but it has had a knock on effect. My leg is hurting at the moment where I have gotten a lot bigger and the extra weight is putting pressure on my pelvis.

So that is the main reason for c-section number 2!

Phew...... Depressing moment over!

Onto my 365:
On the 28th March I completed a page for my celebrate life album!

On the 27th March Adam took his first trip to A&E.....You can read about it here.

Well that's it for today, Sorry I rambled!

April 12, 2010

Yummy Goodies!!!

My yummy goodies from Capture the Magic:

First in my shopping bag are the lovely Doodlebugs alphabet stickers, the ones on the top have an adhesive top so you can add glitter etc, these are all a must have in my stash. I use them on so many projects!

Next in the bag: More gorgeous Doodlebug stuff! I wanted to do a page for Easter and thought this heading was sooooo cute! The other two are for the stash and I think I may have a page in mind!
A doodlebug theme! Another essential for my stash, I use a lot of these in black and white.

I loved the look of this stamp and thought of stamping it as a background..........

Just love, love, love the chipboard.

Random Abbey Road bits, including photo overlays.
I surprised myself by only buying 1 piece of Patterned paper, 1 Transparency & 1 12x12 die cut sheet!

Now for the BARGAINS!

I know its way to soon to be thinking of Christmas, but this was a real bargain! I'm sure some of my new stash will be appearing on projects soon!