February 27, 2010

Building cots and haircuts

On Thursday we finally cut Adam's hair! I wanted to leave it until he was at least 2 but I do have to admit that he was starting to look a bit silly! It was long at the back at short at the sides!

So first I cut Steve's hair then I used the clippers on Adam, We left it on the longest grade (8) for the top and he had a 6 on the sides - just like Steve! He does look rather cute and it looks so much better as it is all neat and tidy, but it did make my heart go funny!

Onto cot building! This morning I decided to finally build the cot that we were given for the new baby, it has been sat in the house for a while - but it felt to early to have it in the room. As it was given to us, I had no idea how to build it - It didn't come with a set of instructions!

I tried but there were so many little bits and pieces that I thought I would be there all day! So I had a brainwave and found the name and make of the cot printed on the bottom then googled it! Good old google found an instruction manual, so I printed it and 30 mins later the cot had been built! I have now ordered a new mattress for it and need to look at some more bedding.

*Crafty Things*
I scrapbooked yesterday and made these two pages for Adam's album. I am slowly working through it - I need to buy a second album now!

February 25, 2010

Another class from Shimelle

I have just signed up for another one of Shimelle's classes, I can't seem to resist any class from this talented lady.

The class is all about using up your stash that you already have, plus printable digi stuff and lots of inspiration!
Click here to find out more.

Adam's first shoes

I totally forgot to share this, I finally managed to do a page on Adam's Shoes! These photos are from his first pair of shoes, he sat so still and let the lady measure his feet. I kept the receipt and have put it behind the photos with a journaling tag to remind me in the future of how much they cost and what size he was!

February 24, 2010

Day 52 of 365


A big CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Rachel and her partner on the birth of their little baby girl Evie Grace, who entered this world on Monday. Mother and baby are both well and I can't wait to meet little Evie.

*Pregnancy update*
I have now entered the third trimester and I am feeling even more tired now! My belly has ballooned and everyone keeps saying that I look ready to have little one now! I have been given a new work tunic which is just 'bigger' It isn't a maternity tunic so it is just big in the wrong places and I now feel like a sack of potatoes!! I am counting down the weeks until I go on maternity leave now and I have 5 teaching weeks left!! I have decided to leave during the Easter holidays then I am going to try and rest as much as poss!

Onto Project 365:

These cute little feet obviously belong to Adam! He is modelling his new slippers which make his feet look huge, but they are mostly padding! These slippers were once my cousin's son's, who is now 4, he gave them to Adam when he was born - he decided he was too big for them and Adam should have them! They are a little big for Adam at the moment, but he does look cute walking in them. He stops and bends down to squeeze them, then continues on about his business! So cute!

February 22, 2010

Day 51 of 365

I meet up with friends for coffees and chats, but haven't been out with them for ages. Obviously as I am pregnant we can't go out for drinks so instead we decided to have a cinema night. So we went and saw this:

It was quite good, a definite chick flick! Whilst at the cinema we decided to indulge in a pot of Ben & Jerry's, I LOVE Ben & Jerry's and this is my favourite flavour!!!!!!
Are you a Ben & Jerry's fan or a Haagen Dazs fan?

February 21, 2010

Days 49 & 50 of 365

A couple of days ago I mentioned my boots, I LOVE these boots. They are so comfortable and I have worn them so much that I have worn them out! I decided to take them to the local shoe menders to see if they can be re-healed.


They are past the point of repairing, I have worn the heal down at an angle as I walk with pressure on one side and the shoe mender seemed reluctant to take on my beautiful problem boots *sob*

So they are now in the wheeley bin! I couldn't do it - Steve had to do it for me!
Goodbye boots!!!

Day 49 I brought my new web cam and I still can't get the sound to work! I think it may be broken!

I have given up with trying to change the font of my post titles, It was far too confusing and I am starting to worry that I may change bits I am not meant too!
So here is the new Rachel B's World:

Another Test post!

I have been playing around with my blog - as you can tell and I am now working on changing the font; which is not an easy task! Lets see if it works now!

February 20, 2010


Just testing out my new signature......

Days 46, 47 & 48 of 365

I didn't managed to make pancakes on pancake day as I completely forgot to but anything to put on them! I had all the ingredients to make the pancakes but I didn't want them plain, so I made them the next day! I had lemon and sugar on these ones and had forgotten how good that was! I normally have nutella!!!

My slippers that I got for Christmas broke after only having them for two weeks! All the stitching came apart and one of the pom-pom's fell off (see here for a piccy), my mum brought them for me and decided that wasn't good enough - so she sent them back! With all the snow etc, they have only just arrived, they are not the same as my old ones but they are very comfortable and they look a lot stronger!!!
I work at a college, so when it comes to half terms etc, it is different from a school. We do not automatically get the holidays off, we get a holiday allowance for the year like any other job and we can only take holiday in the holidays. I worked during this half term as I am saving my holiday up so that I can go on maternity leave earlier. Plus it was so quiet, so I could potter and get all of my jobs done. This picture was taken before lunch and before I cleared my desk of jobs!

February 19, 2010

Another busy day!

I like busy days as I feel I have achieved something, I can't stand not doing anything!

7.30am - Adam woke up, fed him his breakfast then I had mine.
8am - After a couple of nappy changes, playtime with Adam.
9am - Steve woke up after a late shift, I then got dressed etc and dressed Adam
10am - Quick 30 mins blog-hopping
10.30am - left house to go and have routine blood tests for pregnancy
12.00 noon - Adam and I returned from doctors + had completed few small jobs around the town, including not getting my boots re-healed. Will explain more later!
12.05pm - dropped off travel cot to mum and picked up parcel at post office
12.30pm - Steve left for work and I fed Adam his lunch
1.00pm - Cleaned the bathroom while Adam played with this bath toys on the bathroom floor!
1.30pm - General tidy up for upstairs
2.00pm - Playtime with Adam
3.30pm - Still trying to get Adam off for his nap! *failed*
4.30pm - Adam and I had dinner
4.45pm - Decided to make another cake! Adam wanted to play with the butter!
5.30pm - Adam still hasn't had his nap! So we snuggle on the sofa while he watches Handy Manny and Mickey mouse *still not asleep!*
5.45pm - Adam decided to play with his building blocks in the kitchen, rather than sleep - So I clean the kitchen!
6.30pm - A very tied little boy gets into his Jammies
6.45pm - Adam drinks his bedtime milk
7.00pm - Adam finally gives up and goes to bed! I eat some cake! Tidy up all of Adam's toys then sit down to blog-hop and wait for Eastenders to come on!
8.00pm - Eastenders!
9.00pm - Up to my craft room to relax for an hour before Steve comes home from work.

I think I may have to scrapbook this day!!!!!

Onto my 365, Day 45: The lovely Valentines day. Although Steve was working, we did manage to grab some time to swap cards. We do the same thing at Valentines as we do for Christmas, we have one big card that we write in every year. We have done this since we were married and it is lovely to see the comments grow every year.

Day 44: I made a Chocolate Gateau, it won't win any awards for presentation but it was very yummy!!!!!

Day 43: the pushchair arrived, see previous post
Well I am off to have a cup of Tea and put my feet up, Night all x

February 18, 2010

Skype? And new Projects..................

I have had a lovely day today, I met up with a very dear friend of mine that moved away last summer. We speak on the phone a lot and text each other even more but today is the second time I have seen her since she moved away due to the distance! In October we travelled up to see them and stayed for a weekend and this time my DF is staying down here for a few days with her in-laws.

We met up and it was like we had never been apart and we talked for hours! DF mentioned skype, which I had heard of, but had no idea what it was! (which I can't believe!) If, like me, you were blissfully unaware then it is a free download to enable you to talk to people via a web cam.

I don't own a web cam, so I immediately went and bought one! I have set it up, but I think there is something wrong with the microphone - so I am going to play with that later! I am quite excited though that we can just hop on the computer and chat like we are in the same room, we decided to make coffees first and then take them to our computers so it is just like when we meet up!

Now I did speak about a new project didn't I? I am actually a couple of weeks late in posting it as I had to wait for page protectors and photos etc. But next months should be fairly on time, I hope!

I already take a picture-a-day for my project 365 and I wanted to do something with those piccys so this project works perfectly. It is about documenting your month using piccys and anything really that you have saved up through that month. It is one of the great Shimelle's projects and more information can be found here. As soon as I read this I wanted to participate:

Throughout the month, you save up pictures and things like cinema tickets etc and keep them in your envelope which you then use on your layout. Shimelle also had a great idea of keeping photos in a 12x12 page protector which is divided into sections that hold 6x4 photos.
The flower has a fastener behind it to allow you to open the envelope and look inside........
I am quite pleased with how it turned out and I am quite excited to get February's made! I hope that's not wishing my life away!

February 16, 2010

Days 41 & 42 of 365

The snow piccys were used for my 365, I love this pic of Adam waving/tapping at the snow coming down. He didn't really notice much last time, but then we did only have a light dusting!

This piccy was taken in the car park at work, The sky was a lovely colour and you can just about make out the snowy tracks on the ground.
I have started another project, which I will share with you shortly. I was waited for some new page protectors to arrive and they are now here!! So I will be finishing the final touches asap - then I will share all......................

February 14, 2010

Day 40 of 365

Bath toys seem to find their way all over the house! Adam brings one out of the bathroom with him every time he has a bath and I end up with a pile of toys to take back upstairs! The toy on the 9th Feb was his fish that he has just learnt to use and it is now the fav!

Day 39 of 365

On the 8th Feb, we had a bit of a friends marathon and watched most of a series. We love friends and every couple of years we seem to watch it again right from the beginning! So far we are up to series 4.

Sorry for the picture quality - it was taken late at night and the iPhone doesn't have a flash! They really should work on that!

Do you have any series that you just love and can watch over and over?

February 12, 2010

Pushchairs and Banana's!

The new pushchair arrived yesterday and this morning we assembled it - It is huge! I decided to go for a tandem style rather than a 'side-by-side' as a lot of the shops in our little town have small doors! So I should still be able to squeeze in with this one!

Adam decided to road-test this morning and got in the front, although he was only pushed to the kitchen and back! (would of been rather strange outside with only one baby inside!)

Bless him, still in his Bob the builder PJ's!
**Pregnancy update***
I am not entirely sure what a craving is, I know that sounds weird but I go through 'phases' and I have always been like that. I suddenly think of something I want to eat and then spend a week or so 'indulging' before I change my mind and then it is on to the next thing! Hence the bizarre 'is this a craving?' thought. I was like this in my last pregnancy and I am like it now.
A few weeks ago it was beef hoola hoops and now it is banana's! Speaking of which, I'm off to eat another one!
What have your cravings been and are they weird? I'm already jealous!

February 11, 2010

We have more snow!

It started snowing yesterday morning when I left to go to work but as we normally NEVER have any snow, I thought it would stop after 5 mins! Well it didn't!

I work 20 minutes away from our house and it continued to snow all day there and it took me over an hour to drive home (a very scary experience). People were driving like looneys which didn't help!

Anyhoo, this morning we woke up to 10 inches of snow! I can't even remember the last time we had that much snow - that's how often (or should I say how little) we have snow!

This table is flat normally!!!!!

Snow climbing the walls!

I love how the gate looks as if it has icing on it!

Adam fell over in the snow, bless him - one of his little legs disappeared!

February 07, 2010

Scrapbook pages

I managed to get a few pages completed that were on my 'To Scrap' pile (which I think I will now refer to as 'my TSP'), I have wanted to do a page about my iPhone since Christmas and I am really happy with how it turned out.

These girlie's are my second cousins and we get a school piccy of them every year, it is so cute to look at all the piccys together to see how much they have grown.

And finally.......

I have waiting a while to do a page on this too and it is where I am heading now so
Goodnight all!