January 31, 2010

Reflecting on 10 years!

I know it's a little late in January, but as another decade has gone It has made me reflect on the last 10 years.

So here is my list of things I have been thinking about.

10 Years ago:

  • I still lived at home
  • I couldn't drive
  • I was a Dental nurse
  • I wasn't married
  • Nobody called me Mummy
  • Steve & I had been together for 7 months
  • I didn't know anything about nails
  • I didn't have any tattoo's
  • I had never been on an aeroplane
  • I had never been to a concert
  • I had never been to lakeside or Bluewater
  • I wasn't very adventurous with food
  • I didn't know how to pull a pint
  • I didn't wash or iron my own clothes!
  • I had left school 6 months ago
  • I used to sleep in at weekends
  • I didn't own a computer or even know what Internet was
  • I didn't have a digital camera

There are probably so many more and as I think of them I will add to the list, and of course a photo of me 10 years ago! It isn't very good quality as they were not back then!

What would be in your list?

January 30, 2010

Days 29 & 30 of my 365

I'm not quite so emotional now! I had a cooking afternoon and I feel much better. I decided I needed chocolate but I couldn't find a cake I liked the look of in our local shop and so I made one!

Yesterday Steve and I measured Adam again, the last time was in September and he has grown 5cm! He seems to have growth spurts every 5 mins! I think he is going to be tall just like his grandad.

Night everyone!

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Having an emotional day!!

Well the pregnancy hormones have well and truly kicked in today! I'm still very tired (thank you to everyone for your kind comments for my previous post) and I think it's playing with me today.

I have been catching up with some of the blog's that I follow and my lovely cousin over here reduced me to tears with a lovely layout she has made about the both of us. I couldn't help it and after I read the post the flood gates opened!

Shortly after I read Debs blog and I was off again! Thank you to Deb who has given me this blog award:

Now onto non-tearful things! I am going to follow the award rules and firstly post the things that make me happy:

1. Hearing Adam giggle
2. When Steve's days off and my days off are on the same days!
3. Feeling the new baby kick
4. Catching up with friends and family
5. The fact that Vicky scrapbooks too!
6. Scrapbooking
7. A nice latte
8. Chocolate!
9. Doing Nail treatments!
10. Cooking desserts

There are loads more things, But I would completely fill the page! These are the main ones.

Now I am going to pass this award onto:

  • Vicky for the lovely post & scrapbook page about us.
  • SJ for all of the lovely inspiration
  • Alissa for all of the lovely inspiration
  • Lizzie for all of the lovely comments
  • Amy for interesting posts that always make me smile
And I would like to give it to Mel and Deb for all there lovely comments they leave, I know the award was originally from Deb and I know Mel already has it but they always leave me lovely comments to make me smile!

January 28, 2010

So tired!

I'm loving blogging from my iPhone it's making it easier to blog more frequently!

I've had a fairly quiet day today as I woke up feeling like I hadn't been to sleep! The tired phase of my pregnancy seems to be getting worse at the moment and I fell asleep on the couch for two hours (Steve was home to look after Adam), I really needed it though as I haven't been sleeping too well at night.

I managed to capture this today though and it made me laugh lots, Adam was playing with a couple of bits of kitchenware while we were preparing dinner and he looked so funny that I had to get the camera out!

What a poser!

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January 27, 2010

Work related 365!

I thought I would add a couple of work related pictures to my 365 as I spend so much time there!

Day 26 is part of the staff room on one of the campuses, this isn't where my desk is but is where I do my late night.

Day 27 is one of the beauty salons/classrooms that I teach in. This one has just been closed down for the evening.

I don't think I will feature work again in my 365, but it is nice to have a couple of random photos in there.

I am proud of myself this week as I actually managed to blog twice in the beginning of the week!

Will you be sharing pics of work in your 365?

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January 25, 2010

Loving taking random photos!!!

Wow, I am blogging on a work day! I actually managed to find the time!

I am really enjoying taking random piccy's of things I wouldn't normally photograph.

This project is making me more aware of the little everyday things around me, that I would normally forget about.

We had a Tesco delivery today (If you read my blog regularly we do not eat that much, my Asda trip on Thursday was for Adam's nappies) and Adam decided to help me unpack! He has never done that before and he started lining up the jars. It's those little moments that I am glad I have caught on film, I normally wouldn't have my camera to hand when unpacking the shopping.

My little helper!

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January 24, 2010


I really do not like cleaning, But like most of us I do it anyway. Every so often though I get the urge to do a big clean/sort day and today was that day!

I woke up and thought about some of the smellies still in their pretty boxes stored away in the wardrobe that I received for Christmas and that was it, one of those days appeared!

So I thought I would share a small piece of cleaning with my 365, I don't know how much cleaning will be featured in this project as I think there are more important things in life than this (as again I'm sure most of you will agree), But it needs to be featured at least once don't you think?

AND I scrapbooked again! I know that this is the last page for a little while as it is back to work tomorrow so apologies beforehand as I probably will not blog much either! (I know it's supposed to be blogging without obligation, but I can't seem to stop apologising! Sorry Mel!)

This page is another off of the 'To scrap' pile, I don't know how long I am going to be able to keep this up but I am pleased with my progress so far! This piccy was taken Christmas 08 and Adam was only three months old, I just love the faces he is pulling!

January 23, 2010

Another Page off the 'to scrap' pile!

Woohooo! I scrapbooked again today! Only the one layout as I didn't have a lot of time today, Adam only had a short nap and I know as he gets older the naps will get shorter!!!

I managed to do a page off the 'to scrap' pile again, I tried to make myself a promise (not a resolution) to scrapbook at least one page a week off of this pile as it is enormous! It has outgrown a pile and become a box!

So here it is, In August I went to a hen night which was fab! We all dressed in 80's clothes and had great fun laughing at each other!

I decided to make this page my 365 for today as I think a few scrapbook pages should appear!!!

Night all!

January 22, 2010

Passport piccys and cups of tea!!!

Why is it so difficult to get a passport picture?

Today was the second attempt at of getting a picture Adam, he is only 16 months old and doesn't understand so it is really difficult to get them how they want. Hopefully they will accept today's although he still has his eyes closed but it was the best one we could get out of the three attempts that the photo booths give you.

I did have the piccys here, but felt too guilty about posting them and so have deleted it.

Instead I will use this piccy I took yesterday for my 365:
I am HUGE coffee drinker, but it doesn't seem to agree with me when I am pregnant, plus I know you shouldn't drink a lot of it when you are pregnant and so it is a good thing.
But I keep craving Tea at the moment and I have never been a big tea drinker, I only normally have a cup of tea if I am poorly. I am still being good at the amount I drink as it is still caffeine, but it tastes so much yummier than normal!
Ooh I found the wallpaper that we like for behind our bed, I like doing feature walls and this will go perfectly! I am kinda annoyed that I have found it as we can't afford to decorate the bedroom just yet and I bet once we are ready that they will not sell it anymore (Grrrrr!).

January 21, 2010

365 catch up

I am noticing a pattern, I don't seem to blog much on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays! I know why - it's because they are the three days that I work, but I thought I may be able to blog a little in those days!

So I am kind of thinking that the rest of the week can be my blogging days! Here is a brief catch up since Sunday:

Today I took Adam to Asda, we do not go food shopping a lot due to the fabulous invention that is online grocery shopping but when we do Adam loves to ride in the trolley and today was no exception!

Adam's Iteddy that his Nanna and Grandad brought him for Christmas, He goes to bed listening to lullabies every evening and now cannot sleep without it!

The new bed! Finally we can sleep in comfort and at the moment we seem to be going to bed early as it is just toooo comfortable!!!!

Adam being independent with his milk! I do feel redundant sometimes as he is getting more and more independent by the day! But then in 4 months time I will have two little babies to look after and I won't feel so redundant anymore!!!!

Well I'm off to bed now! I will try to be a better blogger for the rest of the week!

January 17, 2010

A world of colour

Sometimes I don't notice colour and then it can suddenly stand out, which is why I chose these two pictures out of the few I have taken over the last couple of days.

1. More Nails! These are some of the nail art designs that I have painted over the years and they are stored in a lovely little stand which I get out to show clients (and the students) for inspiration.

2. My pens sit in my Making Memories organiser looking at me and I just love the colours.

I managed to do some more scrapbooking too! I know this isn't going to last as I am back to work tomorrow and the beginning of my week will be filled with lessons and lesson preparation for future weeks! I have managed to scrap some more photos from the 'to scrap' pile again.
The first is one of my favourite photos of Steve and Adam, I can't actually believe it has taken me this long to do a layout for it! I just love the expressions on both of their faces:

The second was a very quick layout as the PP had all the designs pre-printed and all I did was stick the photo on and a few embellies. I completed forgot I had this and stumbled across it whilst searching for another paper. I am pleased with the way it turned out:

Thirdly. This is my fav layout of today:

OMG, I nearly forgot! Our new bed arrives TUESDAY!!!! I am super excited as our current bed is giving us terrible backaches and we have waited so long for a new one.
So I may not post on Tuesday as I could be in bed ALL EVENING after work!!!

January 15, 2010

Today's 365

It's a nail one today, I infilled and decorated these beauties today and as this is a big part of my life too I thought they should have a well deserved place in my hall of 365!

I scrapbooked!

I had a couple of hours free today and actually scrapbooked! It seems like ages ago that I completed a 'normal' layout! I have a pile of 'to scrap' pictures and picked out two, one was from Halloween and the other is from when Adam was first born and met his great grandma for the first time.

I also completed the last two pages of my JYC and I am going to stop there. Last year I completed the entire project - right up to the 6th Jan but I kind of feel like I want to stop now. I may decide to continue with it later - who knows! So here are the final pages:

A year in review:

And my New years eve, which I kept quite simple as I spent the evening making my calendar:

January 14, 2010


Why do I scrapbook?

Shimelle posted a lovely video on her blog about why she scrapbooks and asked everyone the same question.

I scrapbook because I enjoy it most importantly, it is an outlet as I find it incredible relaxing and therapeutic. I also do it as a way of looking back at those little details that can sometimes be missed, I love looking through my scrapbooks and thinking 'Oh yeah! I forgot about about that!'

I also love anything to do with sticking bits of paper together and getting messy with glitters and glue etc, always have done and I always will. Sometimes family and friends look at my pages and sometimes they go into an album on the shelf. But there will always be a record there to look back on over the years and I hope whoever looks at them will be able to tell how much I love scrapbooking and treasuring all those little memories - whether it is something silly (like my love of post-its! Fill you in on that later!) or my most precious memories.

So I guess, like most scrapbookers, I do it for me - Because I love it!!!!!!

On a funny note, Adam woke up from his nap today with the crazy professor hair that I was referring too!!!

Day 18 of 365

Adam has been drinking his milk by himself for a while now and it is so cute, he is becoming more independent by the day and likes to take the spoon and do it himself.

I know my 365 is going to end up with more photos of Adam than anything else, but he is my little baby after all!

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Today's Random pics so far

I have previously mentioned that I am doing a project 365, Project 365 is where you take a photo a day and you can scrapbook that picture every day. I won't be doing the scrapbook page everyday, but I do like the thought of a photo journal and so will be taking photos and scrapping the ones that stand out for me.

I know a few fellow bloggers are doing the same like humel, I am going to add my pics to my flickr if you want to see what I have already taken.

I really like the Ali Edwards 365 overlays that Humel has used so you may see a few photos with those appearing!

For today I took a random of my new peg bag! It was hanging there this morning looking at me while I ate my breakfast reminding me it needed pegs placing inside and it needed to be put away!

Secondly I took a picture of Adam's curls at the back, I really don't want to cut his hair but I know at some point he is going to look like a crazy professor! He was watching telly and they just looked so cute and had to be captured! Apologies for the weird lighting, this was taken on my phone!

Lastly I was upstairs getting Adam dressed and decided to take a picture of him on his bear chair. Every month, from when he was 1 month old up to 12 months old, I took a picture of him on this chair and this morning I wanted to see how much he had grown! Quite a lot!

If I take any more random's today then I will be back, if not bye for now and enjoy your day!

January 13, 2010

Random thoughts

The snow has almost completely gone, there is just a small hint in tiny dark areas that there ever was any! I am miffed though that I didn't get to build a snowman for Adam, The entire time that the snow was here I was, as you know, poorly! Hopefully there will be other opportunities!

On a more exciting note, I had my 20 week scan yesterday. All is well and baby looks very healthy and last night I fell my first proper kick - not just a flutter!

I am participating in a 365 (taking a photo daily) but as I have been housebound all my photos are around the house! I will start to post some now that I am up and about again.
Bye for now!

January 09, 2010

Sore throats and snow

What a week! I have been off work with a throat infection that completly wiped me out and have just started to feel like I can function again.

Typically this week there have been two snow days at work!
I get quite excited about the snow as we don't usually have any at all, it always seems to miss us!!

Apologies for the picture, it was taken on my iPhone and is not very clear, I wonder how much more we will get?

January 01, 2010

Gingerbread Biscuits and Day 29 of JYC

I went out in the sales in between Christmas and New year and brought this cute little Gingerbread biscuit set:

So Today I decided to make them! Firstly I got out everything I needed (including the comfort of a vanilla latte).

After mixing everything together and chilling the dough for 30 mins I cut out little gingerbread ladies with the cute cutter and placed them onto a lined baking tray.

Mmmmm fresh out of the oven and they smelt fantastic!

Finally I decorated them with some icing tubes I had in the cupboard, I love how they each have their own little expression!

And of course I cannot forget page 29 of my JYC, I have slowed right down on this at the moment - But I will finish it! Eventually!

The first post of 2010

Happy new year everyone!

This picture was taken last new years eve, but I didn't post it and thought it would be cute to look back on!

I finished my Calendar last night, Steve was working until 10pm and Adam went to bed at 7pm so I had lots of time to finish it before the stroke of midnight! It is now hanging in my kitchen to replace last years!

I dropped glue onto July's layout after finishing it, I am so annoyed! I try to Photoshop it but you can still see it!

Hanging in my Kitchen:

I can't believe how much Adam has grown up over the last year and how big he has gotten! He has turned from a little baby into a toddler in his first full year! *wipes away a tear*
Thank you to everyone who has left kind comments on my blog throughout 2009, Hopefully I can keep up the regular posting and chat to you again soon x