December 14, 2010

Why I've been missing in action!

The winter season has struck our house hard, Emily became quite poorly again just before the weekend. I thought her chest infection had come back but the doctor explained that it was viral and that antibiotics would not work this time, as she was incredibly wheezy (and still is) they gave her an inhaler and a little baby mask to help her use it. However, we did end up at the hospital on Saturday as her nappies were bone dry for 6 hours which was really worrying. She is getting better slowly but we have still had lots of bad nights with her and we are both looking like zombies now.

Steve, Adam and Emily are all fast asleep now but I find it hard to sleep during the day and actually prefer to come and chill out in my craft room - So while I can blog without interruption here is a little update of Rachel B's World:

The Christmas baking has officially started as I made Peanut butter cups on the 9th:

On the 10th the Children's centre had Christmas crafts, I left Emily at home with Steve and Adam and I made all sorts of different Christmassey things:
An angel tree topper:

Reindeer food:

Tree decorations:

and Adam made a very cute Christmas card, he did all the sticking himself!


I added this page to go with Day 8

Day 9
I blogged about a new Christmas tradition on the 9th about visiting the fudge kitchen so that just had to go in the journal!

Day 10
The present buying always starts in October and I look out for pretty paper, ribbon and tags too:

Day 11:
 I haven't finished this page yet as I want to photograph all of the trees - yes that's right I have more than one! I &hearts: Christmas trees and I normally have 5 of them. This year however I only have 4 of them up as the conservatory is still a DIY zone and there currently isn't any room for a tree.

That is as far as I have got, I am going to give 365 Friday and Photo of the week Saturday a miss until they are due again this week as I have so much to blog about!


Now a movie update!

9th - Miracle on 34th Street
10th - The Santa Clause
11th - Bad Santa
12th - Shrek the Halls
13th - Funny Farm

Please note: Bad Santa is not recommended for children!
Also I know Funny Farm is not a Christmas film either but it has a Christmas ending and really helps to get you in the festive mood!!!!

Bye for now


scrappyjacky said...

Love all Adam's gorgeous little ctafty bits.
Hope Emily is soon better.

JO SOWERBY said...


Lizzie said...

Poor Emily - and poor mum & dad! Babies' illnesses are such a worry, because they're so little and vulnerable. My poor baby gt. niece has chicken pox just now and has been v. poorly. She's on the mend at last. Hope Emily is soon much better too.

The JYC pages are good and I love the fun stuff you and Adam made at your Christmas play session.

Liberty :) said...

get well emily! no wonder shimelle showcases your pages so much from last year, your style is fab! great idea about embeliishing the protector, going to try that!

humel said...

Poor baby, it's so worrying when they're poorly... I hope she's completely better soon xx

I'm loving your JYC pages, they're gorgeous! :-)

debs14 said...

What a horrible time you have had, how worrying to end up at hospital but I do hope that she is now well on the way to recovery.
Loving those pages of yours!

Melissa said...

Glad you found a little time to blog today - hope your little one is feeling better! Those peanut butter cups look yummy. Your DD pages are great - I really like the little wrapped presents. So glad to know someone else has more than one tree - so much fun!

Gez said...

awe, Bless you all. Hope Emily is soon back to normal. What a worry for you all. Sounds like you're a good mum & have done all the right things. ((hugs))
Your journal pages are just STUNNING! The best! :)
You take good care. Plenty of hot chocolate me thinks. ;)

Katie said...

Aaahhh, hope you're all feeling better and well rested soon.
Love the handmade decorations and LOVE your pages...especially the wrapping one :-)

darkpoetess said...

you've been super busy! and it's even more impressive that you've been zombified, and you're still productive :-)

Sian said...

That doesn't sound like much fun at all :( You are doing fantastically well keeping up this gorgeous level of craftiness with all that going on!

Amy said...

Rachel this is terrible news, I hope poor emily makes a speedy recovery and that you all get some sleep soon :-)

Miriam said...

Hope your Emily is better soon, sounds horrible for you all.
Your pages are lovely! I have run out of ink too! I also run out of light and energy at the end of my working day. Hey ho. I loved your post & thanks for visiting me this week x