December 15, 2010

When Adam met Santa (and Emily nearly missed it!)

Thank you for all of your kind words yesterday, Emily has perked up a bit today and has managed to eat a little bit more so hopefully she is well on the way to recovery.

I finally brought a blogging app for the iPad, I wasn't going to as you can't take pictures with an iPad and I thought it seemed pointless but lately I have been accessing my emails quite a lot from it and it's only £1.79 so it's worth it!!!!

I have managed another page of my JYC but I haven't photographed it yet, also I have now run out of ink! Darn! I thought I was very organised but it turns out that I don't have a spare after all! I have a backlog of photos to add to my album but in the meantime I will make the pages I can.

Yesterday Adam and Emily met Santa, the children's centre organised a Christmas party for the little ones. They played games and then all got to meet the man in red and receive a little prezzie. Emily slept all through the party and then woke up five minutes before they were going to meet him, he was in a big blow up grotto and had some cheeky elves helping him.

Adam had been talking about Santa for a few days and recognised him immediately from mummies mad decorations! He got so excited in the queue and started pulling at my arm.....until we stepped into the grotto! He started to say no, no, no but soon changed his mind when he saw the present in Santa's hand! He hasn't stopped talking about it ever since!

Yesterdays Christmas movie was:

A classic! We watched this one when Adam had gone to bed but he is enjoying most of the movies so far with the exception of die hard and bad Santa! He hasn't seen those for obvious reasons, lol!

Night all x

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Melissa said...

So glad Emily is feeling better! Love the photo with Santa!

Katie said...

Glad Emily is doing better and woke up in time to see Santa with her big brother!
Hope you get some ink soon :-)
And thanks for all the comments on my blog.

darkpoetess said...

the photo's great! also love that movie :-)

Amy said...

It is good to hear that Emily is on the mend!
The Seven Year Old got this movie for a present last Christmas - just wait, it will be a massive hit when Adam is a little bigger!

JO SOWERBY said...

so glad emily seems to be on the mend, she makes one cute baby santa. that elf looks abit mad but the picture says it all really of u guys, the only one looking at santa is adam.............awwwww.
hope u manage to find some printer ink soon,
Jo xxxx

Sian said...

And just look at her Santa dress! Very cute. I'm so glad that she was well enough not to miss santa

Deb said...

Such a cute photo of you guys with Santa. And Emily looks absolutely adorable in her little Christmas dress!!! xo

humel said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous pic, and I'm so pleased Emily's on the mend xx

scrappyjacky said...

Gorgeous photo...glad she's getting better.
My youngest DD was terrified of Santa at Adam's age....and wouldn't go anywhere near him....not even for a present!!