December 24, 2010

One more sleep!

Happy Christmas Eve!

Oh my goodness, it's getting harder to contain the excitement!! The soundtrack to my day is 'It's the most wonderful time of the year' by Andy Williams. It is playing over and over in my head and I cant stop singing and smiling!

I'm super excited as Steve is home from work soon and then Christmas can start! We will be having eggnog and mince pies and then my sis is round tonight with a bottle.

I am meeting up with my mum, dad, Stace and her man in the morning for some festivities then Steve is home at 1pm to officially kick off Christmas day - I am sooooo looking forward to dinner!

Ok, lets see if I can stop bouncing long enough to post!!!

The next installment of November action:

21st - I made embellishments for my JYC
22nd - I raided B&Q for Christmas decs!
23rd - I made Christmas cards
24th - I went shopping
25th - I went to Starbucks

26th - It was my birthday
27th - It snowed!
28th - It snowed some more!
29th - Trip to Notcutts with VJ and Carrie
30th - I updated my blog for Christmas

Onto December, I've almost caught up!

 1st - we put the decs up
2nd - It snowed, a lot!
3rd - we had even more snow!
4th - decoration photography session!
5th - I finished writing Christmas cards.


Now onto more Christmassy things *stop bouncing Rachel!*

Day 18

My love of sprouts, how cool is this Christmas card!

Some things that happened on the 18th:

*there should be another person in the meal photo, we all left two girls in charge of the cameras and were in fits of laughter - the results were just as funny!*


Gosh I am sorry there is more!

Baking update!

On the 19th I made mince pies:

.....and yesterday I finished the Christmas cake:


I promised I've nearly finished! There is just so much to share!

On the 21st we saw:

On the 22nd we saw:

and yesterday we watched:

Right I'm off Steve is home soon
Merry Christmas to all my fellow readers and bloggers, hope you have a terrific day.
♥ ♥ ♥


scrappyjacky said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Day,Rachel.

Kristin said...

Merry Merry Christmas to you Rachel and a Happy New Year!

Olivia said...

Love your cake!
Hope you all have a very happy Christmas together :)

Maya said...

Merry Christmas Rachel! I can imagine you bouncing in excitement :)

Gez said...


Dear Rachel, I hope your Christmas day was everything you hoped for x

humel said...

I hope Christmas was all you'd hoped, Rachel xx