December 04, 2010

No longer housebound!

It rained a lot last night and is still raining now so the snow is nothing but squidgy messy blobs scattered randomly, it's not pretty anymore but on the plus side we can leave the house!

I have two festive photos for this weeks photo of the week as I couldn't decide which one I liked more, the first picture is the view from our sofa in the front room. I wanted to capture the snow in the background and the lights on the tree and I love that you can see the miniature tree on the windowsill.

...this picture made me laugh! Adam was playing in the snow yesterday with my sister and her man while I was taking the usual snaps, I asked if he was going to come in soon and his face said it all!


I have previously mentioned that every year I have good intentions about making my own Christmas cards and every year I fail! (Or I make a handful, last year it was one!) It happened again this year and I have only made a small handful - including the one on my page!

You can see the snowflake I made and stuck on the back of my journaling:

Inside the card:

....on the other side of the page:

This is the photo that I am putting in with the Christmas cards, it was the best one where they both looking at me and Adam even smiled!

I have also been following a few of the photo prompts too for JYC:

I quite enjoyed these!


Yesterday on the movie advent calendar was:

We love this one and Adam actually enjoyed it too, he thought the Grinch was funny!

Happy Saturday!



scrappyjacky said...

I'm glad Adam decided he liked the 'mess' after all.

Liberty :) said...

gorgeous kiddies!! loving your pages and your new blog header and signature! X

JO SOWERBY said...

oooh love the snowy pics, adam looks like he was having a fab time, as well as the person sitting in the snow. i love ur pages, the photos and card are beautiful. also ur red pictures are really inspiring, i've got some bells i want to use for sonmething.
Jo xxx

Gez said...

Great photos Rachel. Love the one of Emily & Adam. Priceless. Love your card.xx

Amy said...

You are having a very busy December so far and the kids seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves!

Kristin said...

You took and picked great pictures to share. Your journal is looking great! I made some cards but I am not sure I will have enough, maybe next year :)

furrypig said...

Glad you managed to capture a great pic of your cute kids and I actually have seen the Grinch and it makes me smile! xxx

Michelle said...

Sweet page and lovely card! Kind regrds from Poland!

Sian said...

Your Christmas card photo is just lovely! Have you got the book of The Grinch? my kids used to love it even more than the film.

Melissa said...

I really like that photo of Adam in the snow. Those photos that capture a little personality are so priceless.