December 28, 2010

JYC catch up - número Uno

Normality is slowly being restored in the 'B' household, 99% of the presents have been allocated lovely new places to live in various rooms of the house and I have completely ransacked the toy box and reunited some stickle bricks with their box. I decided that the toy box looked far too messy and most toys had pieces missing as they had been thrown to the bottom of the box which I hate because then the toy in question doesn't get played with anymore.
SO ..
...everything came out, much to Adam's excitement, and was sorted into piles of various toys/categories. They were then placed into separate smaller tubs and put back into the very large toy box, now hopefully it will stay this way for longer!

I have printed two large pictures, one of each of the kiddies and I will laminate them and stick them to each big toy box (as they now have one each). I am determined to have a tidy toy corner!

Onto JYC!

Day 21

I had great fun playing with my new Christmas present and printed out the lettering for this page and the tag, it's seriously amazing the craft robo cut out this gorgeous journaling tag for me, gave it a beautiful dashed edge (which you cannot see in this pic) and then cut out the word 'december' - the first of many things that will be appearing!

the other side (with more special lettering):

Day 22:

No special robo-ness appeared on this page as the envelope was made a couple of weeks ago, I just decorated it yesterday.

Day 23:
 I decided to include my homemade stocking in my journal, It would have been a page about stockings 3+1 BUT Emily's stocking failed to turn up before Christmas! I ordered it in August and thought I was being very clever with my organisation but it seriously backfired!

I have been sending lots of emails since September and the lady told me that all orders were not fully processed until October as each one had to be hand sewn (personalisation), then they would all be shipped together!!!!! I thought this was very strange, surely to keep up with orders you would do them as they come in and send them out??? Anyway, I can feel my blood pressure rising, lets move on....

We are having Christmas day take 4 tomorrow around my Auntie and Uncles house, It's nice that there is more Christmas to come!


Melissa said...

More great pages!

Gez said...

Lovely pages. Well Done for sticking with it..xx

scrappyjacky said...

Lovely pages,Rachel.
Good luck with the tidy toy corner!!!!

Sian said...

Really lovely Rachel - I'm sure the whole album together is an amazing sight!

carlyworrell said...

Lovely pages, I am impressed that you have put your new present to use already :)

Karen said...

I've loved catching up with all your journal pages. I'm still struggling with some of mine since I got behind. It looks like your Robo Craft is the same/similar thing as my new Silhouette. I'm loving mine too!