December 16, 2010

I'm so glad that's done!

The main presents are all wrapped and under the tree but the thought of buying all the stocking fillers has been sending me into waves of panic! As I've previously mentioned we are currently car sharing and I have to wait to use the car so I kept having visions of snow storms on the days when it was free! (A little eccentric I know but my brain is not being fully exercised at the moment and these are the things that I am mulling over!)

I know it's not the end of the world if I don't get the stocking fillers but it's a job that is on the to-do list none the less so today I finally had the car!

I only went to Tesco! (we do all of our food shopping online, it's seriously difficult taking two kiddies under the ages of 2 and a half around the supermarket - especially when one wants to eat everything in sight and can't understand why I won't let him!)

Anyway I digress, my stocking fillers usually consist of useful and scrummy things like shaving foam, chocolate coins, socks, pants, crayons (no, not for Steve!) etc so it's pretty easy to get all of them here.

I have also brought some of steve's favourite chocolate and by some, I mean this:

There are 4 packs of kinder bars in this jar which is approx 64! I have put them in one of our jars we use for rice and pasta and I am planning to decorate it somehow. This will go under the tree though not in the stocking!

I have put down the needles with the stocking on as I am awaiting another ball of wool so in the meantime I have made these hearts:

I will post more when I have finished them - they are tree decs!

Yesterdays movie was:

I love this movie and think it is the best one out of the four. I'm not keen on 3 & 4, I think they should have stopped at number 2!

Night all x


Melissa said...

So glad you were able to get stocking fillers and be able to mark that off your to do (& stress!) list! Love the idea of decorating the jar with the chocolates as an extra gift!

Amy said...

I don't know .... he might like a few crayons under the tree ;-)

S said...

You got your presents wrapped, so you had time to visit blogs - thanks for catching up on mine. I'm 80% done on the shopping and 40% done on the wrapping. Stocking stuffers are my fave thing to shop for and that's mostly what I have left to do. The big day is fast approaching, isn't it?

darkpoetess said...

well done on present organisation! i'm not there yet... um, by a long way...x

JO SOWERBY said...

i agree with amy, u can never have too many crayons whether ur a child or a grownup. love the kinder chocs, he'll be a sweety by new year
Jo xxx

scrappyjacky said...

I buy my stocking fillers all year....spread the cost...and save the stress!!!
Presents for men are what get left....I never know what to buy....luckily this year DS told me the exact pair of joggers he wanted.

humel said...

I'm suitably impressed! All my (gift) shopping but I have a lot of wrapping still to do....