December 18, 2010

Christmas is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it's snowing again! I'm glad I sorted out the stocking fillers now!

♥ ♥ ♥

Right it's back:

An angelic moment from Adam:

Bless him! I like the christmassy background


I managed to decorate the jar of sweets for Steve:

I found some very cute 12x12 borders in my Christmas scrap stash and thought this was quite appropriate!


I have managed to do a few bits and bobs in my JYC/DD, I have a lot of pages that now have big spaces ready for photos. My ink should hopefully be here before Christmas! Although now it's snowing again I am not so sure - maybe a trip to Staples is in order (you can never have too much ink!).

I am late posting this page as the batteries ran out in my mini sewing machine, I had already started so I wanted to finish it with the same sewing machine. They are pics I took when we went to France for the day - this is Calais:

......and this is yum!

I put one of my fave Christmas cards from this year in and journaled on the back, the front has a cut-out of a Christmas tree on it so I didn't want to journal inside and ruin the effect.

Yesterday's Christmas movie was:

although we didn't actually get to watch it! So now we have two to watch! I hope it's a good one as I haven't seen it before - it's new to our Christmas advent.


I feel so Christmassy! I'm listening to the Home alone Christmas soundtrack, it's REALLY snowing outside and I've just eaten some of our Christmas fudge - but not too much as tonight we are off out to VJ's for dinner.

Ta ta for now! 


debs14 said...

I love watching kids Christmas films! Last week my daughter and I watched 'Nativity' and it put us both in a festive mood.
Just been catching up on your posts, you are certainly having a busy time of it!

Jenna Upson said...

hi, i love your journaling! Do you write on the photo's with the white pen or is at an overlay? Not sure i am brave enough to write on mine! All your pages look fab!

humel said...

One week, woo hoo!! I'm excited too :-) What a gorgeous photo of Adam, aww..... Lovely pages too xx

JO SOWERBY said...

i've finished a couple of christmas projects today so really pleased. we now have 6 inches of snow. adam looks dead angelic, all he needs is wings and a halo!!!!
hope ur meal goes really well, have a superb time,
Jo xxx

Sian said...

The Christmas spirit is just oozing out of this post Rachel! A big jar of sweets is my idea of a perfect present too.

scrappyjacky said...

A really christmassy post, that photo of Adam....he looks so cute.
It's snowing here as well.

Amy said...

Have a great night out Rachel - your album looks fantastic and I really love how you decided to decorate the lolly jar :-)

Melissa said...

Love that photo of Adam! A Christmas Story is one of Robbie's favorites and we watch it every year. It has grown on my over the years and I enjoy it. (There's a little bad language, not much but so unnecessary.) The jar came out great and your pages are really nice. Hope you have a great Christmas week!

Miriam said...

Such a lovely post, so happy and festive! :)