December 08, 2010


I didn't blog yesterday as we went to France for the day! My sis, her BoyF, Steve and I all went, we left the kiddies with the grandparents and had a day mostly shopping and eating!

I am a sucker for the chocolate croissants and had a couple, they were delicious and went very nicely with a coffee! (I didn't eat them both in one go!) Stacey took me into this beautiful little shop that sells gorgeous nic-naks and I ended up purchasing these beauties for the kitchen:


I had already done some prep for my pages so I knew I wouldn't fall too far behind, but I am now back on track!

Day 6:

The pictures are of me at Christmas 1989, Our family used to play this strange game and to this day I don't really know why but it was good fun so that's all that matters right?

The game was as follows:
Throw a 6 on the dice
Put on silly hat, scarf and marigolds
Begin eating a large slab of chocolate with a knife and fork
Continue eating the chocolate until the next person throws a 6!

That's it!

Day 7:

I used the same title as last year as I rather liked it and I got these gorgeous lists from Allsorts, it is a seriously amazing blog and you should go check it out if you haven't already!

On another JYC - related note, I have been featured in the prompts for the last three days. I'm so excited - Thank you Shimelle x


Day 6 on the movie advent calendar was Fred Claus, I think this film is so fun and it definitely helps put you in the festive mood!

Day 7 was Four Christmasses, another one of my faves. This is very funny and I love Vince Vaughn In it.

Right I'm off to bed, Adam will be up early again!
Night peops!


Liberty :) said...

yay I was so proud to "know" you when I saw you in the prompts! your pages are gorgeous though!!! these are too, thanks for the link to the lists, I'm a sucker for lists. My JYC is a total December Daily I'm so off topic but I'm enjoying it! Thats what matters right? cute things for your kitchen too!!

Melissa said...

Sounds like a fun day shopping - I really like the nic-nacs you picked up for the kitchen. Your album is looking great - I like the Starbucks bag as a page, it fits in perfectly.

Cheryl said...

sounds like you had a fab day and I love what you brought back. Well done for being mentioned by Shimelle again, your pages are gorgeous x

Deb said...

Oh how lovely to be able to say that you went to France for the day! I LOVE those bottles in the cute red holder.

BTW, your handwriting is adorable! xo

Liberty :) said... - the tags are printables from Shimelle's digital kit and then I stuck a bow on it too! I know the toilet page is a little unconventional but an integral part of xmas 2010!!! and you are right, it is one we will look back on and smile!

Gez said...

I remember that game! It didn't make any sense did it!! Woohoo to France & being mentioned in the prompts. :) so well deserved your pages are stunning. Keep warm. Au revoir.XXX

scrappyjacky said...

I remember that game fact I know people who still play it.
Sounds like a lovely day in France.

Sian said...

Gosh, I didn't know what that title was going to bring!! A day in France sounds like a wonderful treat - you are so lucky to be close enough to do that. I do love what you bought and I love your infectious Christmas spirit too :)

Miriam said...

Congrats on the 'mention' Your JYC book is looking beautiful, I love all the bits. :)

Lizzie said...

Yeah, I was excited to see your pages featured for JYC - well done, but you did deserve it, they're great!

Glad you enjoyed France. The knick-naks you bought are gorgeous. I like choccy croissants too... mmm...

BTW I love the "tree" shown in your new blog header photo. It's beautiful!

Amy said...

My first word as I read your post was gosh too, oh how I can only dream that I could duck over to France for the day - alas, no!
Sounds like a great day and your album is looking fantastic Rachel :-)

Michelle loves ... said...

Gr8 blog posts as ever! I love comin onto ur blog :)

humel said...

It's been so lovely to catch up on your blog, Rachel :-) Your JYC pages are fab once again - congrats on being featured in the prompts, I've felt a thrill on your behalf whenever I've seen your name! And your kitchen is looking super xx

Jenna Upson said...

wow, love the little envelopes that you used! You're pages are so inspiring! I love all the separate pieces you use to make up the pages!