December 02, 2010

All things festive!

I'm full of excitement as December has arrived! I know I am a day late but yesterday took a lot out of me!

It was Dec day!

I take the decorating quite seriously (I know - weird!) and started at 10am in the living room, the tree went up (with a little help from a certain young man), it was decorated, the garlands went around the fireplace, I decorated them and the finishing touches were put around the room.

This took 3.5 Hours! As I said, I had help! Adam thought it would be highly amusing to tangle three sets of lights together - it was a good job I was in high spirits! Of course we kept to our tradition and Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation was on in the background through the decorating process.

I also decorated the hall, the kitchen, Adam & Emily's room and my craft room.

I finished at 5.30pm! Boy was I tired, so I spent the evening chilling with a glass of wine and then crashed into bed!


I haven't forgotten the usual Thursday going-ons, I'm still knitting the green stocking and will share more next Thursday. I think this is going to be a big post without that too!


Now onto another exciting December feature!

My manifesto for JYC:

.....and as I am following elements of December Daily as well, here is my additional page:

Some days there will be lots of piccys to add and other days I will only journal, it all depends how busy I get!

My journaling for today is on a seperate card, which you will see as my album grows.


It didn't snow during the day yesterday, I was quite disappointed as I wanted it to snow on dec day so badly. Then at about 6pm it started snowing and it didn't stop!!!!

This was taken at about 10pm

...and this was this morning at 8.30am!!!!!

We have so much snow! It was creeping up the door and the sides of the car, I am so excited as the prompt for today is frightful weather and I can actually scrap about the snow for once!

Phew, I need to calm down. I'm worse than the kids!

Cheerio x

I should probably add that I am going to blog each prompt/page a day later to allow me to scrap/photograph everything that has happened!


Maya said...

It looks like you had a busy day! Don't you just like the help you can get from young men?? LOL You December Daily looks great! I am also always excited to the see the first snow :)

JO SOWERBY said...

there is nothing better than putting up the tree and decorations. unfortunately i need to do a major tidy up prior to this. instead i made choc brownies ala nigella and boy are they scrummy. adam looks like he had a fab time helping with the fun decorations.
Jo xxxx

Miriam said...

Lovely December post. I was hoping for snow for the 1st, just enough for a lovely photo for my advent book of course. We have only had a light sprinkling here in North Somerset, where are you and your snow?

Melissa said...

Congrats on getting your decorations up. I like the photo collage for your album, especially the photo of the little one in the box! What is it about kids and boxes? :>) We watched the Christmas Vacation movie this past weekend, love it! Wow, all that snow - it's 60 degrees and sunny here.

scrappyjacky said...

Kids definately like boxes more than what's inside them!!!

darkpoetess said...

1. YES! I love the spotty, glittery paper!
2. Looks like you have even more snow than we do.
3. Confession: I already forgot to open my advent calendar this morning :-)

Katie said...

Well done on the decorating. I'm hoping to get mine sorted this weekend. Need to buy a tree first though!
And LOVE your first JYC page. I've been making notes and need to get mine made at weekend then will post some pictures!

Olivia said...

Love your first pages. Had a Christmassy day too with 2 films as we're snowed in, it's 4ft deep here!

Amy said...

Rachel, you would shake your head at me ... I packed all our decorations away in a box - safe in the knowledge that our renovation would be over by Christmas - let's just say Easter is closer to the mark .... I might have to go out a buy some fresh tinsel to spruce the place up a bit!
Your backyard looks quite similar to Jacky's - from this safe distance it looks lovely, peaceful and quite charming - I am sure the reality of housebound small children is another story altogether!

Donna said...

Wow! I'm so jealous of all your snow! We seem to be the only place in the UK that hasn't got any :-( Love the Chrsitmas decoration enthusiasm, I really wanted to put up my tree on the 1st but at least I got the one up in my classroom. I'm itching to get mine up - love it! x

Kristin said...

Congrats on decorating, you are ahead of me! Nice weather pics, enjoy it if you can,otherwise travel safe. I am loving your manifesto, good job you!

Lizzie said...

Decorating already! What fun though... it looks as if you and Adam had a great day.
And all that snow - and only just December too!
This is a great post today, Rachel. I enjoyed seeing all the busy stuff you've been doing. Looks as if you JYC album will be lovely (if you keep up the good work).
If you fancy making something new for your tree, pop over to my blog on Monday - I'm doing a special post...

Cal said...

I love this! I'm combining JYC and December Daily too. I love how you are doing it. That red spotty paper is scrummy!!

Deb said...

I need to get my decorating finished this afternoon!

I love your JYC pages, Rachel. I might need to get that border punch with the perfect!!! xo

Sian said...

What a fab happy Christmassy post!! We have the same tradition - always National Lampoon on when we decorate the tree :) But we haven't started yet this year. Maybe at the weekend..

Gez said...

Love your manifesto. Your hand writing is fantastic. Looks like you are off to a great start.xx

furrypig said...

I think your style for JYC is great I aspire to be creative like you! Never seen National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and I have seen a load of Christmas films in the last few years.. will have to try and get this one xxx