December 17, 2010

365 Friday

Everyone is asleep! I will be soon too but before visions of sugarplums dance in my head here is some more of November's going ons:

6th - I made this necklace for Jo and Lizzie's blog party
7th - I put rollers in my hair
8th - I went to my first crop!
9th - Lou won the necklace from the blog party
10th - The kitchen was plastered

11th - The kiddies ate breakfast together at the table for the first time
12th - I opened the Christmas scrap stash box for the first time!
13th - The kitchen had his first coat of paint
14th - I made a start on my page numbers for JYC
15th - I finished my page numbers!

16th - I finished my JYC cover
17th - The New York wall Muriel went up
18th - I went out with a few friends
19th - I was ill but not from drinking as I didn't drink a lot, I had the 24 hour sickness bug
20th - The cousins!


Yesterday's Christmas movie was:

I ♥ this film, Steve took me to see it in the cinema for my birthday last year. It's fab and Jim Carey is so good! A must see!


Amy said...

Rachel, I am taking note of all your Christmas movie ideas .. I think our kids will love this and I might try to get a few for next year.

I can so relate to the paint roller and plaster pictures!

humel said...

Great collection of shots - a lovely mixture of moments I recognise from previous posts, and new things you hadn't yet mentioned :-)

Melissa said...

Love that photo of the kids having breakfast at the table!

JO SOWERBY said...

such lovely pictures. i may watch that movie on btvision later then
Jo xxxx

Sian said...

That's the movie we watched with our popcorn the other afternoon. We really enjoyed it :)

Rembrandt Charms    said...

Christmas is really in the air and this holiday season I'm looking forward to have some rembrandt charms which will serve as my good luck charm.