November 26, 2010

Project 365

While I was blog hopping today I came across this post you need to go and check it out, it's really funny!

October brought:

11th - I came down with a cold
12th - The cold got worse!
13th - I was in bed by 9pm, still unwell!
14th - Emily had a bath in the kitchen sink!
15th - Adam rocked to some tunes on his guitar.

16th - I made Panna cotta with Raspberry coulis
17th - Mmmmm, Olives and wine.
18th - I found a new game on the iPhone
19th - I made a cushion cover for our bed.
2oth - We had Burritos for dinner.

21st - I had to put my scarf and gloves on to go for a walk!
22nd - We went to Halloween Arts and crafts at the children's centre
23rd - My new frame arrived
24th - I went to Sainsbury's
25th - My boots order arrived.

Well I have had a lovely day, I will share more tomorrow along with the winner of my giveaway.
Night all


Katie said...

I love Attic24! Isn't Lucy awesome and inspiring. And that post made me laugh!
Loving the 365 photos too - do you think you will do it in 2011 too or is it just a 2010 project?

JO SOWERBY said...

i love lucy, and i have to say most boys only think of that area! it was funny though. love the october roundup, cant wait to see this months, and my isnt emily becoming even more of a cutey?
Jo xxx

Miriam said...

Love this post Rachel, :)