November 29, 2010

JYC inspired pics!

It's been a very funny day! But first, a big thank you to Melissa for giving me this blog award:

It is so nice to catch up with blog hopping and then find out you have won something. Now for some blog rules (which I am happy to follow):

1. Link back to the kind person who gave you the award - check
2. Share 8 things - check (see below)

3. Give the award to 8 bloggers  - check (see below)

4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards - just about to do this!

8 things about me

Some you may already know!

1. I love Christmas - maybe a little too much!
2. I want to live on a farm in the country.
3. I am going back to work in January after 9 months of maternity leave - and I don't want to!

4. I collect Starbucks cups - real ones, not the take-away paper versions.
5. I miss my friend L everyday!
6. I am delighted to have two close scrapbooking friends - you know who you are!
7. I am secretly (not anymore) excited that my childhood/teenage band obsession have reunited - TAKE THAT!
8. I am madly in love with my childhood sweetheart and have been married to him for 5 years. He makes me so very happy and has given me two gorgeous babies.

Eight lovely bloggers - this is going to be hard!

1. Mel - I speak Melsh

2. Jacky - ScrappyJacky

3. Cheryl - Special Glimmers 

5. Amy - Over at our place

6. Kate - Liberty Cottage

8. Carrie - Carrie on Scrapping

This was really hard as I have discovered loads of new blogs lately, thank you all for reading my blog and leaving me kind comments.

Now I do believe it is Monday:

I have been making bits and pieces for Christmas, starting with these two cards to hold some gift vouchers. The cards that the shop gave me were seriously dull! The vouchers slot nicely inside in the little holders that I made and I kept them Christmassy and simple as they are for men - do you think they are manly enough! Lol!

I also made the little red box in the photo to hold the necklace I made for L - remember that from the blog party?

Well onto today's outing!!! VJ, Carrie and myself all went to our local Notcutts garden centre for a bit of festive shopping and of course to nosy around their craft shop! We also managed to squeeze in a trip to another garden centre that has a craft shop! I managed to get a few snaps of the festive delights in preparation for JYC - is that cheating?

Inside we had a silly 15 minutes and tried on all sorts of antlers and Santa hats

Carrie and VJ managed to get some silly pics of me which I expect will be on their blogs soon too! We had great fun much to the un-approving looks of passers by! You would have thought we were drunken teenagers from all of the looks but we were just festively happy!

Outside we decided to get a photo to mark the occasion and had just as much fun trying to set up three cameras with timers! The cameras were placed in the open boot of the car to get the shots, this is the shot from my camera:

...and here are my purchases:

Are you still with me?
The robin and the tea light holders are for my kitchen, which I will be sharing soon!
Night all


Amy said...

Hi Rachel :-) I'm glad you like to drop by and visit my blog - I always love to visit over here!
I do not think you are cheating with JYC and the early shots - you are organised and have some great images for the album this year.
What a great day out you three had - I love the little sign and the handmade chickie :-)

scrappyjacky said...

I wish my garden centre had a craft dept.....looks like a real fun day....and some gorgeous purchases.
Thank you so much for the your blog as well.

Gez said...

awe, fabulous post. Looks like you had a fun day. :) Enjoy your goodies. Congrats on your award. Great answers.xx

Melissa said...

The cards for the gift vouchers turned out great! Looks like your shopping trip netted some new scrappin' supplies - have fun with those!

Katie said...

I remember Notcutts...we don't have garden centres with huge crafty sections here :-(
Absolutely adore the robin! And love that tree punch - it's gorgeous!

JO SOWERBY said...

loving the funny hair apparatus and congrats on the cool award and purchases
Jo xxx

Sally said...

Wow busy bee rach!!! Loving your purchases especially the listbof family names, i might have to go and see if there is obe in the notcutts over here. Really looking forward to seeing your jyc pages!!! Christmas is so very nearly here!!!!!! Yat!

Cheryl said...

Ooo that looks fun, I love that little robbin and the tea lights looking forward to seeing your kitchen. I love visiting your blog and thank you so much for the blog award I have never had one before x

Karen said...

Your gift card holders are great; I love the C&S style; perfect for guys. Looks like you had a great shopping trip. I love all the Christmas decorations and have to restrain myself from buying too many! Love those tealights.

Miriam said...

I adore the little Robin! looks like you three had so much fun. I visited our local Cadbury Garden centre to look for something new for the tree this year (the whole thing says Christmas, you would love it) and like you came out with crafting supplies! x

darkpoetess said...

like your little red giftbox, and am LOVING kraft card for Christmas cards this year! x

Sian said...

Hi Rachel! Thank you so much for the award. It put a smile on my face this morning :) Your Christmassy day out looks like it was a lot of fun - I love that Little Red Riding scene at the Garden Centre.

Liberty :) said...

Thank you so much for the award! Looks like you had a lovely day x

Vicki-Jane said...


I have left you an award on my blog

P.S I love the new style title x

furrypig said...

What a great post so much in there! I love your makes they are perfect IMO. I am jealous of your day out to the garden centre I love getting people to try hats/antlers/glasses etc on and take pics!Would love to combine that with crafty goodies (you have some fab ones there and grea pics for JYC!) xxx