November 08, 2010

Cropping goodness!

Exciting day, I went to my first crop! *happy dance*, The three of us had great fun scrapping and I managed to do some of my Document 2010.

I think we did quite well considering we all had children there! They played nicely together and we didn't have to stop much for snacks and juice top ups, the kiddies loved it! We have already planned our next one, which we are going to use for our Journal Your Christmas prep.

First side of my Document 2010 - October:

Monthly topic page:

Prompt 4

I dont really write letters anymore which is quite sad as I used to love letter writing, now I use the computer to stay in touch. This prompt focused on letter writing to a person/object/anything. When I was reading this prompt this popped into my head!

Dear Craft room,

I’m sorry I neglected you during my last project. I am ashamed at how I let you get so very messy, you see I have a problem! I can’t tidy up after each section or I seem to lose my train of creativity (thought), then I have good intentions of tidying you and along comes another project!!!! I hope you enjoy the new storage boxes I have brought – hopefully they will help me to keep you tidy!


Sincere apologies


Prompt 5

I don't know the correct term for this, but it's quite fun to fill in the blanks and make up your own version of something. For this prompt I stuck with the verse off of one of the layouts and added these words:

I feel delighted about

your relationship as brother and sister. I enjoy

watching you snuggle together. Sometimes

I hear you laugh and squeal when

you’re together. I’ve also seen you share one another’s

teddies when you play. That also makes me

feel happy to see. Someday when you grow

up, you will leave home & explore.
And then I know that the two of you will be just as

proud of each other as I am of you!

Now, on a silly note:

I was using rollers yesterday and after I had finished putting them in I took some photos, I was going to save one for photo of the week but they are just so silly that I had to share!  I love the look of rollers in your hair, I just need some PJ's and then I can join the pink Ladies on their slumber party!!
Hope it brightened your Monday!!! 

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Night x


K said...

Those witches are soooo cute!!! & I love piccies of people in rollers as well (also the effect on my hair afterwards ;-)

Katie said...

Love your Document 2010 pages. I wish I'd joined it...might have to do in 2011 instead!

Amy said...

Rachel, you have quite a resemblance to Crown Princess Mary of Denmark .... I only know that because she is an Aussie and we are all excited to have a princess!

scrappyjacky said...

Love your letter to the craft room.....I could write a very similar one myself, I'm afraid!!

Sian said...

How do you manage to look so pulled together even with rollers in your hair?! Very cute pictures

JO SOWERBY said...

i so love the rollers picture it reminded me of the times my mum did the same to make my hair curl, lil did we know it already was!!!!! i can just see u dancing to sandy with the pink ladies or with the girls in legally blonde.
Jo xxx

humel said...

lol at your rollers pics - but you still look beautiful! xx

Cheryl said...

Love your letter to yur craft room. I could write one to my bedroom at the moment as I am decluttering lol. Your picies are just so cute x