November 12, 2010

Christmas stash!!!

Before I move onto seasonal related things I had better share my 365, that way when you start reading about the magic 'C' word and leave my blog at least you would have read about it! Lol!


21st - I finished Emily's hat
22nd - I got new boots *heart*
23rd - I caught up with the LSNED 10 class
24th - I blogged and blog-hopped!
25th - My knitting progress!

26th - We ordered an Indian take out!
27th - My messy craft room while crafting!
28th - Emily tried baby porridge for the first time and didn't like it!
29th - I had a tall skinny vanilla latte to take-away!
30th -We brought Halloween outfits for the kiddies.


Now, if you are sensitive to the magical 'C' word look away now!

I haven't got a lot to talk about Christmas wise, I am just getting really excited now as I keep reading blog posts about Christmassy stuff. I have done well to contain myself this year as last year I got a bit excited too early (beg Oct!) and then I got Steve all excited too early and he said it felt like Christmas lasted for 3 months! So I have banned myself from thinking christmassy thoughts - until now! I just cant keep a hold on it any longer!!!!!!

I dug out the box (no, not Christmas Dec's!) of Christmas scrapbook stash this afternoon and had actually forgotten how much was in there! I have been thinking about Journal your Christmas and I am going to a crop on Monday to do some JYC prep so I have dusted off the supplies, have got my thinking cap on and I have ordered my album ready - which I will share when it arrives!

Whilst rummaging through the Christmas stash I found something that triggered off more excitement!

Remember this?

Yes it's the return of the Christmas movie advent calendar *jump up and down like a lunatic!*
I have tweaked it slightly as it was a bit of a prototype last year and it need re-enforcing as almost didn't live to see this year!

....But  its back! new and improved and it will be shared on the 1st Dec, which is also when the dec's are going up (I have had the date confirmed!). I have to arrange the Christmas dec-putting-up-process around Steve as we both have to be there - more on that tradition later for any new-comers to my blog, *waving* Hi again.

Right, that's enough I think I have had my Christmas fix for today and I ended up using the magical 'C' word 10 times! Yes I included Christmassy in that number!



Melissa said...

I'm glad to see the "C" word crop up in your post! I've been working to complete my handmade Christmas gifts this week - I'm on the last batch today. That way I can enjoy all the holiday festivities starting the day after US Thanksgiving without worrying about gifts!

Katie said...

What size Christmas journal are you going to do this year?
I started last year but didn't finish (had yucky morning sickness and extreme tiredness which wasn't great for craftyness) but I did do one in 2008 and love looking back at it.
Hoping to get stuck in this year to record baby's first Christmas but think I need to try and keep it simple to make sure I can complete it.

Any tips for fitting in a daily project around babies?!


The Scrappy Tree said...

Your daughter's new hat might just be the cutest thing I've seen! :)
Gayle xx

Sian said...

Ooh, we're looking forward to getting the decos out here too. I've gathered up a box of stash for my JYC, but then I got sidetracked into looking through the album I made last year and that's as far as I got! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with this year.

Gez said...

Fabulous photos & what a wonderful keepsake to look back on. Why am I not surprised the baby porridge wasn't a hit!! I wasn't excited about Christmas til I called by your blog!!! Now thinking about my JYC10 & how soon can we put the tree up! :D
Looking forward to seeing your movie advent calendar.. how exciting! Best wishes.xx

humel said...

lol! I'm only just ready to think about Christmas now, but I'm not allowed to talk about it at home till we get past The Doctor's birthday and The Boy's (both in early December)!