November 05, 2010

Are you ready to party?

Lots to share today:

Firstly......Some of you are probably aware by now that the lovelies Lizzie and Jo have organised a blog party for tomorrow night. It starts on Lizzie's blog at 8pm with exciting giveaways and lots of true party-style fun.

I am of course taking part, so stop by tomorrow with your wine/coffee/beverage of choice and see what we all have in store.

Next I have a little DIY to share, we have finally been able to continue with the kitchen after having a break to bring another little one into the world! I am so excited about getting this finished as it was started 2 years ago! But hey-ho that's life! The floor had to be levelled before we could have our brand new floor laid (which happened today!).


-The floor was still wet with cement:

and...... After

As you can see, the walls need to be plastered. We would have liked to have done that first but this is just the way it worked.

Next item on the agenda:

11th - Adam's birthday party.
12th - Adam's 2nd Birthday.
13th - I started my new course.
14th - I completed another owl for Miss H.
15th - I did some eyelash tinting on a client.

16th - Adam and his wellies......again!
17th - The love heart that appeared in my coffee, a homemade one!
18th - Adam met Mickey and the sun is in mummy's eyes!
19th - I learnt to crochet!
20th - My Beauty show nails that I did.

Right I'm off to bed as I'm all fireworked out!
Night all


Donna said...

How did you make a heart in your coffee? I love it when I buy coffe and I see a little heart smiling at me :-) Wish I could take part in the blog party but I've had to bow out as I'm unexpectedly visiting family - hope it all goes well! x

humel said...

I shall see you at the party! Hooray for getting work done on the kitchen, and love your 365 photos xx

darkpoetess said...

nice kitchen ;-)
and have fun! x

The Scrappy Tree said...

Love your 365 pics - yay Mickey!

Sian said...

Gorgeous choice on the kitchen floor - looks fantastic!

Gez said...

Amazing photographs Rachel. Your kitchen is looking fantastic & so are your nails. Enjoy the party.xx