November 01, 2010

Another little something!

I mentioned briefly last week that I had been working on something but didn't really go into any detail. So..........I was browsing Laura's blog the other week and saw this post!

I have two big memory boxes for the kiddies, each containing little bits of memorabilia from their births etc and I have been wondering what to do with them for ages! Until I saw Laura's brilliant work!

The memory boxes are from John Lewis and they are adorable! They are going up in our bedroom when it is decorated so I will always have them with me in our room *heart*

.......Now, I have some bits to share from Shimelle's new online class.....True stories. So here goes:

I mentioned FAQ's on my blog the other day but they were not the proper ones that I have been working on so here are my Frequently Asked Questions, re-worded to help improve my journaling techniques.

1. I’ve noticed that you jump every time the dog barks, why are you scared of dogs?

It goes back to when I was very small, so small in fact I can't remember! Which seems so daft in itself! My mum told me that a huge dog tried to get in the pushchair with me! Even though I don't remember this exact event it obviously made an impact on me because my heart beats fast, I shake when I am near them and I jump when they bark

2. Your nails look really intricate, how do you really do them yourself? Are you ambidextrous?

In a word, yes! I broke my right wrist when I was 11 (rollerblading, never been on them since!) and back then there was only 1 computer for the whole upper school to share! We had a rota so that every student had 15 minutes on it each - my how times have changed! So I had to learn to use my left hand! It worked as an advantage!

3. Your nails are very long, it must be really hard to do your housework, do you have a maid?

I wish! Sadly no! I still manage to do all the usual household chores!

 4. You have two kiddies and a hubbie, how is possible that you find the time to fit everything in?

Steve works shifts, so once Adam and Emily are in bed the evening is mine! Plus there are nap times too!

5. Nails are obviously a big thing in your life; you are very passionate about them and teach that subject at a college. Would you like your own salon one day?

YES, YES, did I forget to say YES? It would be a dream come true!


JO SOWERBY said...

the memory boxes are beautiful and so perfect for children's memories. loving the faqs, being ambidextrous must be soooooooooo helpful in nail art.
Jo xxxx

darkpoetess said...

i love box frames, and yours are really cute. lovely way to preserve memories x

humel said...

What beautiful memory boxes - how cute are the teeny tiny socks and bootees?! And I love how you've done your Q&A too xx

Sian said...

What lovely shadow boxes - they'll be family heirlooms!

I can't do anything with my left hand so I'm pretty envious of your talent in that direction:)

Cheryl said...

wow those memeory boxes are just so gorgeous what a keepsake amazing. The Q+A are interesting too x

Gez said...

GORGEOUS memory boxes Rachel. What a wonderful keepsake..Enjoy.xx
Love your Q+A's. Hope you get your dream come true one day. Big hugs, Gez.xx

Laura said...

I'm so behind with my google reader that I only just read this post today!


I adore your memory frames! esp. the little tigger shoes! sooo cute!

L x