November 09, 2010

and the winner is........

I asked my hubbie to pick for me to make it fairer, So I put the names on bits of pretty pink card and put them into a tin:

He didn't look while he picked!

....and voila!!!

Congrats Lou!

Please email me your delivery address, so that I can send you your prize.

Sorry for the shaky photo, I was rushing to let Steve get back to his Xbox!

Prompt 6

My Ifs and dos!
I thought of my 10 things that I wanted to do (on the day I read the prompt! I have actually done some of these now!) Some of them were possible to do in a day and others not so much!!!!!!!!

1. Make a scrapbook page

If the kiddies go to sleep well tonight then I can make a scrapbook page!

2. Lose a stone!

If I stop eating junk then I can lose a stone!

3. Fly to Tenerife with the family

If we save up a little a week then maybe we could fly to Tenerife for a holiday.

4. Eat a huge chocolate gateau! Sorry number 2!

If I make a huge chocolate gateau then I can eat it! (started diet since writing this, so it isn't going to happen now!)

5. Iron - arghh, sorry swear word!

If I set up the ironing board then reluctantly I can do the ironing!

6. Clean the bathroom!

If the kiddies entertain themselves for 20 minutes then I can clean the bathroom!

7. Go wool shopping.

If I stop feeling so embarrassed then I can walk down the road and buy that wool!
(just realised the post office sells a select few colours of wool - one of which I need!)

8. Buy new bedroom furniture

If we save then we can afford our new bedroom furniture

9. Cuddle each family member

If I stop writing and go and find them I can give each family member a cuddle!

10. Spend a lot on craft supplies!

If I save then I can buy my new crafting supplies!

Prompt 7

I loved this and I am definitely going to use it on a scrapbook page! The prompt was to look at a photo and write from the heart trying to remember as much of the details from it as possible. I suddenly realised that I have NEVER done this! It seems so obvious now! I usually just think: 'Ok, where was I? Who or what is in the photo? When was it taken? Why?

Seriously! How dumb????

I mean, all of the above still apply but now I shall look at photos differently because when I closed my eyes and put myself back in the church the words just started to flow! I have literally had an eureka moment with my journalling so THANK YOU Shimelle. I just cant believe I didn't do that before!!! *embarrassed face*

Here is my pic:

...and my words *heart*

I have butterflies in my belly; it’s a good feeling of excitement and wonder. You are my husband now and I want to giggle just for saying that because it feels weird, but in a good way! I am looking forward to spending forever with you learning and growing each day. Right now all I can hear is my heart beating; mixed in with the words ‘I now pronounce you man and wife’ I want to feel like this forever

*We are having the kitchen plastered today, a day early as there was a cancellation! EXCITING!!!!!!*


JO SOWERBY said...

i cant decide which is more cute, u feeling so happy at the wedding or the plastering?
Jo xxx

Sarah said...

Great pics and loving your words from the heart. I signed up for True Stories but haven't got into it yet, will have to get started soon! thanks for stopping by my blog! x

Sian said...

I loved your writing from the heart - and glad that you posted it so we could all enjoy it.

The Scrappy Tree said...

Aw, that is such an adorable picture :) congrats to Lou btw!
Gayle xx

humel said...

Congrats, Lou! :-)

Oh Rachel, what beautiful writing - it made me smile and brought tears to my eyes at the same time xx

Cheryl said...

What lovely honest words Rachel and so much from the heart love it x

Amy said...

What an absolutely gorgeous photos of your Rachel - I love the look on your face!