November 04, 2010

2 poorly babies!

What a week! I've had two very poorly babies, they both have chest infections and are on antibiotics which seem to be working slowly but surely.

This is the first time I have had a sick child, it's Adam's first illness in his two years! It's horrible! They are both so quiet which would be nice if they were not so sick!

Anyhoo, I had all intentions of blogging on Tuesday and Wednesday but just didn't get round to it. I have however started another knitting project:

My fav cardy that I made for Emily us now too small, so I have started a new one:

To add to the busy week we have had our floor levelled today in preparation for a beautiful new floor which is being fitted tomorrow.

It meant that we couldn't walk on it though so we have been camping around Steve's mum and dad's house so that I can still sterilise bottles etc...

Will keep you posted about the lovely new floor!

Tomorrow we are having a bonfire night BBQ, it will be interesting to see how Adam deals with that!

- Posted using my iPhone, isn't technology great?


Gez said...

awe, sending you great BIG cyber (((hugs)) Rachel. What a worrying week you're having.. fingers crossed your babies are both on the mend. Take care, life sounds hectic at yours. Enjoy the BBQ & have a great weekend.XXX
We have Chickenpox at this end! Hugs, Gez.xx Great knitting btw. :)

Amy said...

Oh the poor little things - and poor mummy as well :-)
Good luck with it all and I hope they are all better soon.

debs14 said...

When you are a mum there is nothing worse than your children being ill. You just want to take that illness away and make them better again. Hope they are both well again very soon.

darkpoetess said...

get well soon the little ones x and enjoy your bonfire night! x

humel said...

Poor babies, and poor you xx I hope they're fully recovered very soon, adn you all enjoy tonight :-)

JO SOWERBY said...

aw poorly babies, bad times. here's hoping the antibiotics kick in soon. see u 2morrow night for the hop
Jo xxxx

Sian said...

That doesn't sound like very much fun at all :( I hope everyone feels a lot better soon, and that your floor looks fantastic!