October 31, 2010

Tales of Halloween

A quick glimpse of Halloween.

The candy corner:

 My egg box/pipe cleaner spider - check out those legs! Eekkkk!

My spooky trick or treater's, First the lovely K & D:

The lovely K & D with the very sleepy but lovely Miss H:

Arghhhhh, Its T & J:

They were very spooky indeed, we had several others but I don't know them and therefore the camera stayed indoors!!!! My two little gems were poorly so Emily didn't dress up and Adam wore half of his costume but was more interested in his new found love - Thomas the Tank Engine!!!

Hope your Halloween was fab,
Night x


Sian said...

You really did get into the spirit of things this Halloween Rachel!

Thomas? That used to be a huge obsession round here - we made a dressing up Thomas from a painted cardboard box once.

JO SOWERBY said...

very cute halloween trick or treaters, no scarey halloween peeps at all. that's the spirit,
Jo xxxx

humel said...

Hope your two are all better now xx Love your spiders!!

Cheryl said...

you must of had such fun this is when I wish I had my own kids I just have to borrow friends lol x

Gez said...

FAB photos Rachel.xx