October 22, 2010

Spooky crafts

The children's centre laid on an Arts and crafts afternoon today, I took Adam and Emily along to see how much mess they could get into! Emily was a bit young and slept and played in the activity ring but Adam seemed to enjoy himself and so did mummy!
Between us we made some lovely creations, We started off making things together then I would look around and Adam had left me to go and play - so naturally I continued! The funniest thing was that most of the mums were left creating!
We made:

  •  pumpkins
  • A spider's web
  • A skeleton
  (This skeleton is actually a Ben & Jerry's Halloween craft, the children's centre printed them out. You can find one here if you want to give it a go, there are extra legs and arms with ice cream!)
  • And mummy and baby ghosts

After we got home I decided to continue and made a ghost plate (please excuse the walls, they are waiting to be plastered!):

I found the ghost on this site.

Onto some more 365 and this is the final installment of August!

26th - I made Adam's invitations for his birthday party
27th - I met my sister for a Starbucks - yum!
28th - I made Adam's birthday present, his tag blanket.
29th - I actually put the heating on, It was very cold that day!
30th - Another Wellie-boot moment!
31st - Waxing!
The little ones are asleep and Steve is at work, so I am off to craft!


Amy said...

Kiddy crafting is a lot of fun, it looks like you thoroughly enjoyed yourself!

jennifer said...

Some fantastic craftyness going on! I love the pumpkin with the higgledy piggledy mouth, and the ghost hands, and the ghost plate has such a fab expression! I'm going to try and do a couple of these with my daughter today - thanks for sharing! xx

humel said...

Cute little crafts! The ghost handprints are inspired :-)

I love crafting with kids activities, but like you, I'd often be sitting there doing the craft while the kids were running around playing elsewhere!!

debs14 said...

I used to be a teacher's assistant in a primary school and I thought I had seen most things you could make with handprints, but I've never seen those ghosts before! Looks like you both had a lot of fun x

scrappyjacky said...

Looks like loads of fun....what a nice event for them to put on.

Sally said...

looks like tons of fun i look forward to Isabella being bigger and more able to join in rather than eat the paint!!! .... are you a beauty therapist?? where are you based? xx

Sian said...

The ghosts are brilliant!

Rachel B said...

Hi Sally, yes I am, I'm based in South Kent :) It is fun when you can craft with the little ones - means you can craft more frequently!!!

Sally said...

bummer was hoping you were a bit closer to the midlands... was loving the nails i saw you did a few weeks ago xxxx

jennifer said...

Hello again, I've just posted the halloween crafts we made today after seeing your post. Thanks for the ideas!


Gez said...

Hehe love your mummy & baby ghosts! & Starbucks YUM xx