October 29, 2010

Something spooky!!

I have lots of piccys today!

I made a cute little ghost garland (click to enlarge) with Adam, He helped with drawing some of the faces and with stuffing the heads! Each little ghost has a different head - there are 14 in total. I got the idea from this post (love that blog!), but I used a pillowcase to make these (just 1 made all 14 ghosts!) and I used toy stuffing instead of cotton wool balls - mainly because I didn't have any! I also added pretty ribbon to the ghosts necks.

Onto my spooky nails....Yes I know they are extremely impractical!!!!

FAQ's (lol)
1. Yes I can still change nappies.
2. No, I don't scratch them!
3. Yes I can still go to the toilet safely
4. Yes, I still wash up.
5. Yes, I can still clean etc!

If you are doing Shimelle's 'True stories' you will know where the FAQ's comes from! I do plan on re-visiting that later, that's not my way of quickly going through a prompt. LOL!

Now onto Friday's normal schedule:

I am into September now, I'm slowly but surely catching up! ...and yes I am typing in those nails!!! ; )
1st - Adam's jammy smile, you may remember that from a past Pic of the week.
2nd - Steve spray painted his new toy!
3rd - I took a new pic for my 'Photo of the week' feature.
4th - I scrapbook for 'Learn something new everyday'
5th - Adam improvised at putting on his top!

If you are still with me then well done!

6th - My new do!
7th - My new tablecloth!
8th - Adam fell asleep with his juice and a sausage roll!
9th - I made the sponge for Adam's birthday cake.
10th - I finished Adam's birthday cake.

Phew, I made it to the end and I still have all 10 nails!! I'm off to have a coffee and prepare for the kiddies Halloween party.


JO SOWERBY said...

oooh im loving those spooky ghosts, really simple ideas are sometimes the most effective. also loving the way adam is putting on the t-shirt,.he's one cool kid.
Jo xxxx

debs14 said...

Those nails are fantastic! And I totally see where Adam is coming from in putting his tshirt on, when I hurt my shoulder and couldn't raise my arm, this is how I got dressed too!

darkpoetess said...

i can't BELIEVE those nails! they are so freaky! wow :-) i don't know HOW you're still managing to change nappies, clean, etc, but good work!
as for the ghost garland, i love it so much, i might just copy the idea - i'll have to get to work quickly though, in time for trick or treating tomorrow. x

Sian said...

Wow, your nails are amazing! I love your Halloween crafting too :)

Gez said...

Cor FAB nails! Oooh LOVE 'EM. Great photo's your hair looks FAB too.xx

humel said...

I'm very impressed by those nails, and by all you can do with them!! xx

jennifer said...

Love the ghost garland, I'll have to file this away somewhere in my brain and hopefully remember to make it next year!

Great nails. Can't believe you can type with them on! x