October 16, 2010

Photo of the week

Tonight's dinner was a success, we had roast beef with all the trimmings and then I made panna cotta with raspberry coulis for desert. I hadn't made it before and was really pleased with the result (and it was rather yummy!)

I also had a bash at gluten-free yorkshires, steve's brother is a celiac and rarely gets yorkshires as gluten-free ones tend to look like frisbees. They did rise a little and the BIL seemed to enjoy them!

Emily was a little sick after some milk so we did a quick bath in the kitchen sink, She loved it and looked like she had her own private bath!!! Adam thought it was quite funny too!

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humel said...

Yum - and cute! :-) Glad you had a good meal xx

Amy said...

I've never made panacotta before, my mil does often, is it easy .... care to share the recipe?