October 09, 2010

Photo of the week

I have two photos for this week, the first one is from my photo session for my Knit day Thursday picture. I chose the close up of my mini-monster for the final picture but I also really like this one:

I like the blue owl popping his head around the corner.

I made a second batch of Chelsea buns and the photo looked so yummy that I thought it needed to share the photo of the week slot!

These ones lasted long enough to photograph!

Happy Saturday!


scrappyjacky said...

The chelsea buns look absolutely delicious.

Sian said...

LOVE Chelsea buns and these ones look delicious.

jennifer said...

The knitted owls and monsters are sooo darn cute, and the buns look delicious - I want one! xx

humel said...

Yummy Chelsea buns :-) So pleased to be visiting your blog again - I've missed you! I love what you've been doing over here, it looks fab xx