October 08, 2010

More August 365

More snippets from the lovely sunny August:

6th - Adam got a balloon from Tescos and held onto it very carefully all the way home!
7th - Adam and Emily went to their first birthday party
8th - Adam's love for his wellies!
9th - Emily experienced beans at the Children's centre!
10th - I made cupcakes!

11th - Adam swept the kitchen with me.
12th - We went swimming!
13th - I started knitting an owl!
14th - Shimelle's online crop!
15th - I started knitting a cardigan for Emily!

Hope you are enjoying your Friday!


Amy said...

I'm assuming the icing has to be really thick to get a good piping shape? Mine never look that good!

humel said...

Lovely snippets - oh my, look at the cupcake!! I'd love to be able to ice mine like that!