October 28, 2010

4 Rows to go!

I am so close to finishing my mysterious knitting project, I have 4 rows left! Today has been rather busy so I didn't get to squeeze the last little bit in, I may cheat a little and post it as soon as it's finished rather than waiting until Thursday.

A brief run down of the busy day:

This morning Adam and I made some more spooky crafts, which I will share tomorrow as I have to upload the pictures from my camera.

I managed to wash 3 loads of washing and now have an interesting ironing pile! :(

I made Adam and Emily's memory keepsakes for our bedroom which I will also share later (sorry).

I did my Halloween nails and they are spooky and slightly impractical (will share them later too as I haven't photographed them yet!)

Just incase anyone is wondering, I made the memory keepsakes when the kiddies were having an afternoon nap and my nails when they went to bed! (I know, they actually slept at the same time!) I get asked a lot how I manage to fit everything in :)

Well sorry I can't leave you with piccys of projects but I promise there are things to look forward to. Night all x

- Posted using my iPhone, isn't technology great?


jennifer said...

Can't wait to see all the piccies of these things! xx

Amy said...

I'm looking forward to the photos :-)

darkpoetess said...

1) can't wait to see the what mystery project is and 2) can't wait to see your spooky nails! x

debs14 said...

Looking forward to seeing the photos of all of these, you certainly know how to fill your time!

humel said...

I'm looking forward to the pics too! :-)

JO SOWERBY said...

oooh hurry up we're dying to see the knitting project
Jo xxxx