September 16, 2010

This weeks knitting projects

I made another owl this week, A purple one this time. I made it for the adorable Miss Hannah who is about 5 weeks older than Emily. They go to Under 1's and baby massage together at the children's centre.

I have also started another project, this is the beginning of it:

I'm so chuffed that two days in a row now I have appeared in the LSNED prompts! I really didn't expect to see that!

Onto my LSNED:
Lesson number 15:I learnt NOT to leave projects unfinished as things do not flow when you return to them! I'm normally quite good at finishing projects so I do not know what happened to this one, it was left and time just ran away from me. I found it on the shelf and have started it again but you can tell there was a break!
Lesson number 14: I learnt to use DPN's! I have never used double pointed needles before and was a little scared when a pattern asked me to use them! So I went onto the Internet and found out how to use them and hey presto!!!

Lesson number 13: Just how much my heart flutters when I hear that word.....Mummy! Adam has just started saying Mummy, Daddy and Nanny instead of Mama, Dada and Nana and I just love it! Especially when he wakes up from his nap and I am in my craft room, he calls out 'Mummy' from the bottom of the stairs.....So cute!

Right, speak of the devil!!!!!


scrappyjacky said...

I'm not surprised your pages are used in the prompts,Rachel...they are so is your knitting....wish I could knit half as well...and half as quickly!!!

debs14 said...

I have my owl pattern now! Just need to finish the blanket my niece asked me to make before I start it.
And I'm not surprised Shimelle has featured you in her prompts, your pages are superb.

humel said...

I so love your owls! And I'm intrigued by the new project :-)

Congrats on being featured in the prompts, I was thrilled to see your work there. More lovely pages this year, too! xx

Sian said...

Your pages are lovely, I'm not surprised they turned up :)

Your new project looks intriguing..