September 18, 2010

Photo of the week

Firstly I want to wish a special friend Happy Birthday today, hope you had a great day Vicky x

Adam spotted Mickey Mouse way before we did, we were walking down the high street and he started saying 'mouse!' quite loudly. Mickey mouse was standing outside an old sweet shop collecting money for war heroes and Adam went and stood a few feet in front if him madly waving away.

This was the best picture we could get as he wasn't too sure when we went nearer. I had to sit with him and even then I thought he was going to run away!

But as soon as we got up he stood in front of Mickey again and started madly waving again! What funny little minds children have!

Even though he had his scared moment he loved meeting Mickey Mouse, so that's why this is my photo of the week!

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humel said...

Aww.... They can be so funny! Glad you got your pic :-)

humel said...
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