September 02, 2010

Knitting and LSNED 10

My newest knitting project is a ballerina bunny, when I started the pattern I didn't realise how big it was going to be as I didn't read the measurements! So when I put together the body and leg it shocked me a tiny bit! Not that it matters, At the moment it is the same length as Emily but she will eventually pass it so it's ok!!!

Bunny at the moment:

I have managed to keep up with my 'Learn Something New Everyday' class, I just haven't shared any of my work yet. So here goes:

Weirdly I started this album before the prep notes and prompts came out and was quite surprised that Shimelle and myself have had similar ideas! Shimelle's book is made of envelopes that will contain daily photos and notes, mine is made up of pockets and will contain daily photos and notes! How bizarre?

Lesson learnt: 1st September 2010.......
Go with your gut instinct!
As I mentioned I started this book a little while ago but I actually finished it yesterday. My original plan was to used book rings or maybe my bind-it-all depending on how big it was when all of the pockets were complete. Then I thought I may be a little clever by adding a spine and binding it that way! I got so far with it and (I think through tiredness more than anything) messed it up! Well that frustrated me beyond belief and so I decide to ........

Tomorrow is a helping of Project 365 and maybe some LSNED if I get time to blog it.
Night all


humel said...

Oh Rachel, it's beautiful :-) It's lucky I like you so much, it saves me from the deadly sin of envy!!

Love your bunny, too xx

scrappyjacky said...

The album looks amazing...and I'm sure the giant bunny will be as well. Wish I could knit so fast.

Gez said...

Wow! amazing knitting & your book looks delish! Your blog name caught my eye as my DD is also called Rachel B! can't wait to tell her! Good luck with the class. Have fun. Gez.xx

Sian said...

Oh, your envelopes are so pretty! Going with your gut instinct is definitely worth it.