September 17, 2010

July 365 part three!

The third installment of what we did in July:
21st - We discovered Emily had colic, which is tons better now!
22nd - My niece gave us her bridesmaids dress that she wore at our wedding as it is too small now. She thought Emily might like to play dress up when she is older. Awwww!
23rd - My nails that I did for the July weddings.

24th - The first wedding!
25th - I discovered that dry shampoo helps which hair put-ups!
26th - I pierced my friends daughters ears, so they could heal before the school started again.


Sian said...

Bridesmaids dresses make the best dressing up Princess dresses ever :)

darkpoetess said...

ooh. i like the nails! x

scrappyjacky said...

She will just love playing in that bridesmaid's dress.Thanks for the knitting link.

humel said...

What a gorgeous dress! Great nails, too xx