September 10, 2010

July 365 Part 2!

The second installment:

11th - My Chilli-Plant progress!
12th - Making tags for my albums.
13th - My shoe picture for a photo challenge on LYP,LYP.
14th - My newly-sorted albums
15th - Adam saying 'Shh, Emily is sleeping!'

16th - Emily crashed out on the sofa!
17th - Charging the iBear for a week away!
18th - Arriving at Norfolk!!!
19th - Our bargain glasses, 50p Each!
20th - My new dress for the July weddings!

See you for the third installment!!!


Sian said...

Chilli plants? wow, have you got real chillies from them?

darkpoetess said...

hey there. thanks for your comment on my blog! I am so LOVING acetate right now :-)
Good luck with the chilli plants - mine have just been binned as they got the mange (I believe there's a horticultural term for that but I don't know it!) x

humel said...

I love how you do this :-)

My chilli plant got infested with something nasty :-(