September 09, 2010

Emily's ballerina bunny

Emily's ballerina bunny is finished:

It is quite big but Emily will grow into it!

I think she already loves it as she grabbed it and was hugging it tightly.

Now, what to start next?
This has to be a short post today as I'm on bath duty! Steve is bathing the children and I have the role of drying and dressing....Just waiting for the first clean child to finish re-decorating my bathroom with water.


debs14 said...

So sweet, it's almost bigger than she is! Looks like she loves it already.

humel said...

It's so, so sweet - and so is she! :-)

scrappyjacky said...

Oh is just sooooooooo cute.....I really must develop my knitting skills....I need to make one of these....where did you get the pattern?

Amy said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet! The bunny is just the right shape for little hands to grab and cuddle - she will love it forever!

Ha! Bathroom redecorating in water .. yep, that happens here too!

jennifer said...

Such a cute bunny, I'm sure she'll treasure it for a long, long time! xx