September 21, 2010

Business as usual!

It has been a mad couple of days so apologies for the schedule not being right this week. I went to a Beauty and nails exhibition in Olympia yesterday and then had to go to college in the evening for my Teaching Qual (on the final year now!) so once I had got home I just crashed and went to bed early!
As it was a nail exhibition I had to ensure my beauties were perfect....wanna see?

Now onto Monday's belated topic.... LSNED!
Lesson number 19: I learnt to crochet! I decided to give it a go as I had seen something I wanted to make (more on that Thursday, I promise!), so I looked through a book I had and watched a few YouTube videos and then went for it!

Lesson number 18: There is far too much to do today! Pretty much says it all really, hence the basic page! I really didn't have the time!

Lesson number 17: I realised that I definitely prefer Starbucks.....I met a friend for a coffee in our local Tesco, it used to have a Starbucks but has changed to a Costa for a reason no one seems to know! I do like Costa coffee as its coffee and you all know my love of coffee! I just seem to prefer Starbucks, oh how I miss it!

Lesson number 16: I miss my Independence. By this I am referring to not having a car now, we sold my car when I went on maternity leave as the plan was for me to become a SAHM permanently. Well plans change and now I need to go back, not yet but when my maternity leave finishes. I seem to have coped pretty well up until now as I borrow Steve's car when he is at home.
I am getting withdrawal symptoms now. I miss the freedom of suddenly being able to jump into the car and go somewhere, also I am getting fed up of only using the car when Steve isn't at work because 9 times out of ten it is to meet a friend or go somewhere Steve would not want to go - so then I miss Steve when I want to spend time with him!
*Ooh feel like I am whingeing now, better change the subject!*
Hey ho! Here is my page:

I'm off to bed now, I still haven't fully recovered from driving to Olympia and back and then my night of learning!
Night, Night everyone x x


darkpoetess said...

you sound very busy! great that you can still get a few projects done. the nails are very impressive! x

jennifer said...

Amazing that with all the things you have going on you still manage to learn to crochet, and keep up with LSNED! Fabby nails too! x

Sian said...

Your nails are amazing! And your pages are too actually. That simple one with the writing as the focus is just perfect.

Thanks for your lovely comment about my new look yesterday x

humel said...

Those nails are *stunning*, and I love the simple page for lack of time - the style perfectly fits the lesson, but it's still a beautiful page :-)

scrappyjacky said...

Absolutely amazing nails...and am most impressed with you teaching yourself to crochet....I'm still having problems with someone else teaching me!!

debs14 said...

Those nails are works of art!
Loving your Shimelle pages too, they are so clean and crisp and concise. Beautiful! How do you manage to do all you do with two little ones to deal with as well?!