September 29, 2010

Beds and pages

Quite a while ago I posted about taking the bars off of Adams cot bed so that he could start sleeping in a real bed..... Well that lasted 4 days! It was around the time Emily was born and I think it was too much change in one go and Adam decided that 4-5am was a good time to get out of bed and shout at the stair gate until we let him out!

He stopped climbing out of the cot (which was why we took the bars off in the first place!) so it was working fine, well we have decided to try again! Tonight is the first time (again), he didn't seem to care that his bars were missing when he went to bed tonight but we did hear a bang as he rolled out of bed and we found him asleep on the floor! So tomorrow we are going out to get a bed guard! After we found him on the floor we put the spare duvet down - just in case it happened again! Bless him, I will let you know what time he wakes up!

Onto the LSNED:

Lesson number 25:

 We went to Steve's brother's house for dinner and I realised that we just don't seem to do it that often anymore! I'm obviously not the only one that thought that as we are going to Steve's sisters house for dinner at the weekend (our turn next).

Lesson number 26: I cannot find any thick-thin wool anywhere! I really would like some for a pattern - in cream. So if anyone knows where I can get it from can you please let me know. Thank you x

Lesson number 27: I'm getting frustrated with my crafting mess!

When I am working on a big project, like LSNED, I tend to leave everything out as it becomes easier but I am now struggling for room to craft so a big clean up is in order!!!


darkpoetess said...

with you on the mess frustration... always try to keep tidy and it lasts for a bit but then it all goes to pot again. I blame the space - I need more space...

scrappyjacky said...

tend to spread and spread when crafting....and then get fed up because I can't find anything!!

Sian said...

I'm off to do a big tidy up this afternoon, I'm getting fed up with the mess!

You could try Jannette's rare yarns - it's like an online factory shop for wool.

humel said...

Gorgeous pages, Rachel :-) How did Adam get on? xx