August 27, 2010

The second (1st) cardy and a little friend!

I have been doing bits of knitting in between other things and after I finished the flower cardigan I picked up the other cardy that I started first (how confusing!) this is the one that I took to Norfolk to finish only to discover that I didn't have enough wool to finish it! Argghhh! It was so close to being finished too!
It didn't take very long to finish off and sew together and here it is..... being modelled by it's owner.........
......And as promised, here is cute owl's little sister - complete with girly bow!

Of course I had to take a piccy of it with it's new owner!

Ahhh, so peaceful! They can sometimes be the nicest when they are sleeping! Lol!


scrappyjacky said...

I just love your knitting, is the new owner,of course!!!

debs14 said...

So cute! As a born again knitter, I have to ask where you found that little owl pattern - I have a half a ball of pink wool left over from my great-niece's cardi and it is begging to be used up! Could you email me where you found it?

humel said...

It's gorgeous, especially on its model :-) And oh, how cute is the owl?! xx

Sian said...

Very cute - and it is modelled beautifully :)