August 05, 2010

Our date night

Steve had already done a full days work before 11am this morning, so Adam, Emily and Mummy had a nice day with Daddy today. We had family 'silly time' which gave Adam the giggles and melted my heart! I love to see him laughing like that, isn't it cute when kids have a proper belly chuckle?

With Steve's shifts we only have a few precious evenings together; tonight we cracked open a bottle of wine, opened the olives, ordered a chinese and put on a film *such bliss*

I now have a full belly and am ready for my bed! Night x

- Posted using my iPhone, isn't technology great?


jennifer said...

We don't get much family time at the moment either, it's great to appreciate it when you do!

You need to update your profile blurb, it still just says you have a little boy and not about your little girl! x

humel said...

That sounds lovely, Rachel :-) A heart-warming post xx

Sian said...

Aw, you've got to appreciate these little moments when you can, haven't you?

Sally said...

sounds like a lovely time :O) xx