August 04, 2010

My boys.......

I have been looking through all of the lovely wedding photos that we have taken in July, the second wedding we went to (on Saturday) was Steve's sister's wedding. It was a fantastic day and I managed to get a lot of photos this time.

The photo above was taken at wedding number one, I was looking at it earlier and suddenly remembered that I had a similar wedding photo taken last year:

Look how big Adam is now!!! The second picture was taken June 2009 and I can't believe the difference, where has my baby gone?????????????

I don't often get the chance to be in many photos as I'm usually the one taking them but this time I managed to appear in one with each of the little ones.

It's a shame though that both these pictures were not perfect, In the first one Adam is in focus but I am slightly blurry and in the second one the flash was off! The second one is my fault though as I didn't charge my camera the day before! Silly, silly! So the battery decided to run out just as the Bride and Groom were cutting the cake. I managed to get my camera on quickly to get this shot but I couldn't get the flash on AND get the picture, it just wouldn't stay on long enough!

However I am pleased with them both, I have added blurry frames for my LYP,LYP class and decided to change the one with Emily to Black and white as we looked clearer.

I won't be making that mistake again!


Amy said...

The top one of the boys is fantastic and I really like the one with you and Adam - a little blurriness is ok you know, it's a great in the moment shot and has a lot of personality! :-)

humel said...

Lovely shots, despite the imperfections :-) And yes, gosh, hasn't he grown!!

scrappyjacky said...

Imperfections are's the memories that count...these are great 'memory' photos.