August 18, 2010

Lots of projects

I participated in Shimelle's online crop over the weekend and managed to complete a few pages which I will share when I get home from Norfolk.

I also have several knitting projects on the go, I finished the owl which I will photo in daylight and I have two cardigans in the making.

I started one and brought it with me to Norfolk ready to finish as it is so close, I managed to get quite a lot done then went to change my yarn as I ran out and I couldn't find the second ball of yarn! I have a feeling I have left it at home on the couch in my mad packing frenzy!!

So I have started another one as I brought plenty of bits with me, hopefully I get one project finished this week!

It rained here today but look at that rainbow!!!!

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1 comment:

Sian said...

Argh! Running out of wool is not good. It's about as frustrating as running out of glue. Please show us the owl when it's done.