August 02, 2010

Little handprints

It's been a lovely Monday. Adam, Emily and myself went to the children's centre this morning and they put on some activities for us all. The Monday morning session is catered for babies but Adam is allowed to go as Emily goes and we cant very well leave him outside!

Today was a girl day, all of the babies were girls so Adam was the oldest and the only male! Bless him! The staff found a poem and got some bits and pieces out to take the babies (and Adam's) hand prints. It was great fun and all the little ones kept relatively clean!

After the babies had finished Adam was allowed to carry on painting and he painted a masterpiece which I will put in his Memory box. He has used crayons at home but I haven't been brave enough to do painting at home so this is the first work of art!

As we had just been painting his hands he thought that is what you are suppose to do! So he painted them some more!!!

Steve came and picked up Adam ready for the baby massage class as he would be too helpful for that!

All the babies at the baby group stayed for baby massage so we all prepared the room.......

and were ready to go!

Emily is now pretty chilled out after her busy day!


humel said...

Oh, how adorable :-) I love that poem, I've got copies with handprints of both The Children when they were little. Something to treasure xx

Sian said...

Aw, how lovely! My kids did this with the poem at Nursery school..I'm going to go and look them out now, thanks for giving me the idea :)