August 03, 2010

June 365 Part three!

The third installment of what we got up to in June! I really need to keep more up to date with this project!
21st - Toddler group: Another hot day, so the little ones were playing outside. I managed to photograph Adam while he had a minute on his own.
22nd - The second part of my face painting course, I was rather pleased with my efforts: Spider woman!
23rd - Adam had a temperature!
24th - The temperature didn't last long (good old calpol!) and Adam was in the pool again before we knew it!
25th - Adam trying to help fill the bath but the lid is firmly on the bubbles!

26th - I spent a while shredding!!!!
27th - I practiced my face painting flowers, on my arm!
28th - It was too hot for the little ones and they crashed out in the heat!
29th - I finally scrapbooked a page on Emily!
30th - The dress we brought for Emily for the weddings we had coming up.
Hopefully I will do July soon!!!!


Amy said...

It's been a busy time for you Rachel! The dress for Emily looks gorgeous :-)

Cheryl said...

Like Amy said it has been such a busy time for you, so try not to stress yourself out too much just have fun x

humel said...

Lovely pics, Rachel :-) And don't pressure yourself to 'keep up' - it's impressive enough that you're managing to take all the photos! xx