August 09, 2010

I'm still going!

I have been keeping (sort of!) up-to-date with the Love your pictures, Love your Pages class. I have just been so busy blogging about everything else that I haven't shared quite a lot of this!!!

Prompt 18 was a tutorial on how to achieve a vintage photo, this is my before (which was a little blurry but I chose it as I think the vest looks slightly vintage/retro anyway!):

and this is my after:

Pretty cool huh?

The next prompt was about photographing something around your home, essentially we had to think of the kitchen and these are my two favourite photos from the bunch:

Prompt 20 was to scrapbook a photo that told a story, I decided to use this photo of Adam:

I am always saying 'shush, Daddy's sleeping!' when Steve is in bed after a night shift and Adam decides to get too vocal! I also started saying it when Emily came along and would be peacefully napping. Now Adam is at that age where he copies everything Mummy and Daddy do and he quite often 'shushes' everyone when Emily is sleeping, whether they are being noisy or not!!!! Here is my layout using this piccy:

It was inspired by a layout I saw in the Scrapbook inspirations idea book 1 by Jen Naulls.
Jen does have a blog but it doesn't seem to want to load right now so I have posted a link to her twitter page. Has anyone seen Jen's blog?


jennifer said...

Great page, it's a cute story to capture and I like how you've used the different alphas together. That vintage photo effect is adorable too! x

Sarah said...

That is such a cute pic! Lovely layout and a great story to record! I am still working my way through the LYPLYP prompts!

Sian said...

That's a wonderful vintage effect. I'm another one who is still working her way through the prompts, I'll be looking out for this little gem now :)