August 26, 2010

He couldn't wait until Christmas!!!!

We went to a huge model place while we were in Norfolk that sold everything you could think of to do with models/building toys. There was Lego, meccano, k'nex, playmobile, duplo, trains, doll houses, farm animals, scalextric, model cars.... the list is endless!!!

Not only did Adam enjoy it but so did Grandad and Daddy! Adam hasn't really discovered Thomas the Tank YET, he is mad on Mickey Mouse and Handy Manny so his eyes widened when he saw this giant Thomas........

He knew it was a train even though he didn't know it was Thomas and ran up to it saying 'choo choo'!

Steve was in his element in the remote control car section and it was hard to drag him away from it, He has wanted one for a long time! Grandad had already brought a remote control car from another shop and it was charging back at the Caravan so when we got home the boys decided to chase Adam with it and he was in his element running away from it (and after it)!

As Steve was drooling over the cars so much I thought that one would make a good Christmas present but when Steve wants something so bad he gets too excited to wait for a Birthday/Christmas, A bit like how excited I get when I find the perfect prezzie - this post will explain everything!!!

He talked about them for the remainder of the holiday and ended up ordering one the day we came home.........Tuesday arrives and guess what has been built and up and running a few hours after he got home from work...............

Just needs to be painted now!

He just couldn't wait!

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humel said...

Such cute photos of Adam! :-) And you'll have to think of something else for Christmas now lol... But what a fun thing for your boys to enjoy together xx